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There are moments in life when it comes to hair where we crave silky smooth, natural-looking hair, aren’t there?

Sometimes, that is difficult to achieve with our hair, and there is no shame in that. We are sure that your natural hair is gorgeous, but sometimes a change can be fun. 

Silk closure wigs or pieces are great for adding a natural-looking hairline. The scalp created by the silk base allows for the hair to be parted and styled in any way, flexibility not always offered. Silk closures are more durable than their lace counterparts and generally last longer too. They also don’t require any bleaching that lace does to match your scalp, so why not save yourself time and get that natural look! 

But what are the best silk closures? With so many on the market and price range, it can be challenging to find the best silk closures. But fear not, for we have the answers for you! 

Keep reading to find the best silk closures, a buyer’s guide, and an FAQ section to make the process a breeze! 

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab your silk closures and go!


SHANELL Hair Silk Base Top Closure Straight Bleached Hidden Knots Middle Part 4x4' With Baby Hair Unprocessed Peruvian Virgin Silky Straight Human Hair Closure 10inch

This beautiful Silk Base top closure is guaranteed to provide you with realistic hair and hairline without breaking the bank! 

The medium brown colored hair comes in a range of sizes from 10-20 inches in length and features a middle parting. It is made from 100% Peruvian human hair. The wig features baby hairs around the hairline and hidden bleached knots to provide the realistic hairline you are after. 

The hair comes straight and is hand made to offer no shedding and tangling when in use. The silk base closure is designed to mimic your scalp, so it won’t even look like you are wearing it!

The hair has a density of 130% with a middle parting. The hair can be dyed, bleached, curled, or straightened with heat, allowing you to style your hair how you choose. Customers found it styled easily, and the maintenance is easy to follow, with Shanell leaving a step-by-step guide on the hair description!

Some customers found that the closure resembled a lace closure rather than a silk closure. But rest assured that the base and closure are silk! There were very few complaints about this, so you don’t need to worry!

Customers enjoyed this wig, with some calling it the most realistic closure they have seen and praised the hair’s fullness. They also appreciated how soft the hair was and the natural feeling it offered. 

After realistic hair that is soft and easy to handle, those of you look no further than this hair from Shanell! 


  • Range of lengths available
  • Straight human hair 
  • Baby hair adds a realistic appearance 
  • Medium brown color 
  • 100% Peruvian hair


  • Some customers found the silk closure to look more like a lace closure.  

More time to browse? Check out our other great recommendations below.


Aopusi 613 Blonde Bundles with Closure Body Wave 3 Bundles with PU Silk Base Closure Weaves 4×4 Fake Scalp 100% Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair Free Part 150% Density (10 12 14+10,#613)

For those after a great quality set that isn’t too expensive, this one from Aopusi is the one for you! It is available in a wide range of sizes, varying from 10-inches to 28-inches! 

You get three bundles of hair that can be added to your hair to create volume and a body used as a wig. There’s a lot of versatility with this option, allowing you to customize your hair truly! The body features a natural hairline that has been pre-plucked to provide a seamless look from scalp to hair. 

The platinum blonde color may not be to everyone’s taste, but the hair is strong enough to be dyed without causing damage, providing you follow the standard care procedures. 

The hair itself is of excellent quality, made from 100% Virgin Brazillian hair. It boasts no shedding, no tangling, no splitting, and feels incredibly soft! The hair, providing it is cared for appropriately, should last for roughly one year. The bundles have an excellent density and come pre knotted so you can add them in with minimal effort!

What’s great about this set is that you get a 30-day return guarantee. If you are unhappy, simply contact customer support, and a full refund can be arranged. Be mindful that the hair must be returned in the condition it was received in! 

Customers were impressed with this set, particularly how well it could be styled. The hair can be dyed, permed, straightened, and curled without it being damaged. You will need to make sure you are caring for the hair properly to style away! 

Customers enjoyed the closure and found the PU silk closure to be of excellent quality and that the hair offered no shedding or tangling, making it extremely easy to use. 

Some customers did note that the hair caused their skin to break out. This was not a commonly reported issue and could be caused by a wide range of issues such as the haircare products used, but it is worth noting nonetheless. 

For those after excellent quality hair and the freedom to style it how you want, this is the pack for you!


  • Wide range of sizes available 
  • 100% unprocessed Virgin Brazillian human hair 
  • Can be dyed or styled  with heat to tailor to your style 
  • 30-day refund policy
  • It can be used as a full wig or to add volume to your hair


  • Some customers found the hair caused their skin to break out. 


Brazilian Silk Base Closure - Straight Hair (8 inch, freestyle part)

For those after excellent quality hair that offers flexibility when it comes to styling, this Brazilian silk closure from Nubian Crown Hair is the perfect choice for you! 

The hair is available in a variety of lengths, from 8-20 inches. You can also choose whether you want a 3-part or a freestyle part, allowing you to customize the weave as you see fit. The hair comes in an off-black to medium brown color, which also can be customized if you request it when ordering! 

The customized orders can take roughly a week longer to be dispatched, but the ability to have hair that fully suits your needs is worth the wait, we think! The hair itself is 6A grade Virgin Brazillian hair that is super soft and offers minimal shedding. 

The hair is also tangle-free and can be styled as you would your hair. It can be dyed, straightened, or curled with heat to get the look you crave. Nubian points out that extreme heat can cause heat damage to the hair, so be sure you are treating it properly before styling. 

Some customers found the length to be shorter than they expected when it arrived. Several strands were shorter than the length purchased, which they felt left a thinner appearance. This was not a common issue but one to be aware of when purchasing. 

The silk closure was praised by countless customers for its realistic appearance, mimicking the scalp perfectly. No-one would ever guess it isn’t your hairline! The baby hairs help create the illusion of a natural hairline too. 

For those after a realistic hairline and don’t mind spending a little more, this Brazillian hair is an excellent option! 


  • Wide range of lengths available
  • The option of a freestyle parting 
  • It is a natural off-black color, but other colors are available as a custom order. 
  • Natural-looking closure 
  • Hair can be dyed and styled as you choose


  • Some customers found the length shorter than they were expecting.


Greatremy 10A 10' Silk Base Closure with Baby Hair Straight Virgin Hair Closure 4X4' Free Part Natural Color

If it is a high-quality, natural-looking silk closure you are after, then your search ends here! Greatremy’s straight hair comes with a free part and allows your hair to be the envy of the town! 

The hair is available in a variety of lengths, from 10-20 inches. The natural brown color will compliment almost every skin tone. The knots are invisible and are designed to mimic the scalp with ease. 

The closure comprises three layers that will be invisible when wearing the hair. The triple layers add to Greatremy’s hair’s durability, allowing you to get over a year of use, providing you care for the hair appropriately. 

Greatremy also accepts returns providing the hair is returned in its original condition, so you don’t need to worry if it isn’t quite what you are after! We think you will love it, though! If a silk closure is not your thing, they can also customize the closure; please contact Greatremy beforehand to confirm this! 

The hair features 130% density to give a full and voluminous hairline for you. The hair can also be bleached, dyed, and styled with heat allowing you to express your creativity. The free part enables you to set the parting where you choose and change it as you feel; what is better than diverse hair?

The hair is only available in the natural black color shown in the pictures, as opposed to other brands that offer the ability to have the hair made in different colors. You will be able to dye the hair, but always be sure to follow the correct procedure to ensure your hair is cared for properly. 

Customers were impressed with how realistic the scalp looked and the softness of the hair. It is a little pricer than others available, but the quality is exceptionally high! Why not treat yourself today?


  • Wide range of lengths available
  • The hair will last for over a year if cared for properly 
  • Baby hairs mimic a natural hairline 
  • 100% unprocessed Virgin Brazillian hair 
  • 130% density for a fuller look.


  • Only the natural black color offered. 


Silk Base Closure - Malaysian body wave hair 6A grade 4x4 8-24 inches Freestyle, middle or 3 part (16 Inches, Freestyle Part)

That’s right; we’ve got another great option from Nubian Crown Hair for you! For those with a bigger budget, this silk base closure could be the one for you! The weave is made from 6A grade Virgin Malaysian hair that offers no tangling or shedding to deliver natural-looking hair. 

The hair features a freestyle parting, allowing you to have flexibility when styling it. You can purchase the weave in a range of lengths, from 8-20-inches. You can also order 20-24-inch hair, but this will need to be placed as a custom order, which will take roughly a week longer to be dispatched. 

Like the others listed, the hair can be styled as if it was your hair. Following the proper care, it can be dyed, bleached, straightened, and curled with heat. It allows you to create the hairstyles you want without needing to worry about any issues. 

Customers enjoyed this hair and found that it blended well with any bundles, especially when curled! The natural-looking closure allows the hair to look as though it is growing from your scalp.

It is a little pricey, but for those after outstanding quality that can stretch their budget, it’s a weave not to be missed!


  • Wide range of lengths available 
  • Virgin Malaysian hair, tangle-free with no shedding 
  • It can be styled as if it was your hair. 
  • Realistic scalp 
  • Can choose the parting that suits your needs


  • On the pricier side

Best Silk Closures Buying Guide

Unsure what you should consider when purchasing silk closures? Our buyer’s guide can help you there! 

Which hair?

There is a wide range of silk closures on the market, with a wide range of hair to match; let’s look at some of those types to help make your decision! It is worth considering the texture of your current hair to ensure that the hair blends seamlessly. 

Hair texture can vary depending on ethnicity, but it is not always the case! If you are unsure, pop into your local hair salon where an expert can advise you further! 


Brazilian hair has one of the best textures for African Americans. The hair has a very thick texture and looks fantastic with thick curls or straight. It’s very versatile and generally easy to maintain. 

Correct maintenance is vital to ensure the longevity of Brazilian hair. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and moisturizing conditioners to provide the best care for your hair. If you are considering dying the hair, it's best to consult with a professional first to ensure you use the correct products. 


Persian hair is a popular choice, thanks to its texture. It is usually very lightweight and free-flowing, making it easy to style. It can blend with African American, relaxed and natural hair, and medium, coarse Caucasian hair textures.

It’s a diverse option that has a luxurious feel depending on the quality. It is effortless to manage and style. 


Malaysian hair is very soft and blends with relaxed textures and fine, silky hair. It is effortless to manage and looks very lustrous. The hair is very soft but still creates a full look. You can style it any way you want, but we are obsessed with the poker-straight look on Malaysian hair! 

Synthetic or human hair?

When it comes to hair, ultimately, you have two choices, synthetic hair or human hair. Most people opt for human hair, as it can be styled and dyed as your hair would be. It also looks and feels most realistic. 

Human hair can take a lot of maintenance, as they need to be washed and styled often. Coloring the hair is possible, but as they often feature hair from multiple people, the color can vary. The result can be a tonal color that looks more natural but is not to everyone’s taste. 

Synthetic hair is the cheaper option, but it can, at times, look fake. It is also difficult to match the texture of human hair, and more traditional synthetic hair cannot be styled with heat, which is an off-putting factor for a lot of wigs and weaves users. 

Heat-friendly synthetic wigs are available, but they have a shorter shelf life of only a few months. Excessive heat styling can also impact the texture of synthetic hair. Heat-friendly and traditionally synthetic hair cannot be colored or offer the same versatility human hair can. 

It’s essential to weigh up these factors when deciding what hair to purchase. 

What length?

The length you choose is a personal choice and should consider wisely, especially if you are spending a lot of money. 

The length of hairpieces or weaves is often listed in inches, and they can range from short to very long, such as 24-inches! It is always a good idea to sample different lengths to see what you feel comfortable in, if possible. 

Remember that the hair can be trimmed if you find that the length you have opted for is longer than you would like. It is worth considering the hairstyles you want to create with these wigs to help determine the length you want. 

How much?

The price of silk closures can vary from brand to brand. It can be challenging to know how much to spend on your new silk closures. We would recommend setting a clear budget and sticking to it as best as possible. 

When setting your budget, consider how long the silk closures will last and how often you will use them. If you are going to get a lot of use out of them, it might be worth spending more and investing in silk closures. However, it is worth remembering that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get good quality silk closures. 

Best Silk Closures - FAQ's

Get your last-minute queries answered here! 

How do I install my silk closures?

Installing silk closures can be done at your local hair salon. They can be glued or sewn in as with other closures. The process is simple and is done along your hairline to ensure that you have as a natural look as possible. 

There are ways to do this at home and plenty of tutorials online, but we think it's always best to have a professional hand! Especially if you are new to the silk closure world!

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