Best Wigs For Black Hair

Wigs are becoming one of the most popular fashion accessories for women on the market today, with more and more people deciding to reinvigorate their look with a completely new hairstyle or a hairstyle to complement their existing one.

Buying a wig can give you a new look from one day to the next with the bonus of you not having to touch (and potentially ruin) your original haircut. Why change your original hair when you can just buy different wigs, having a new hairstyle for every day of the week?

If you’re someone who believes that variety is the spice of life, then you might certainly be tempted by this.

If you have dark hair, you might not want to opt for a lighter shade of wig, as it might not suit your skin tone. African-American women have the distinct problem of getting wigs that suit their slightly coarser and curling hairstyles and darker pigment.

Wigs are the perfect way of preventing you from using corrosive chemical straighteners that might damage your hair and scalp in the long-term.

You can also tailor your wig to the specifications that you want. Buy one that is longer and trim it back into a bob or an angular fringe, you can straighten them or curl them, when it comes to finding your style, then anything is possible!

This is why millions of women queue up every week to buy multiple wigs.

There are generally four types of wigs that we will discuss later in the article: polyurethane, mesh, U-Part and open wefted wigs. Each one of these styles will offer you something different in terms of look, breathability, and comfort, although they will not be suitable for everyone.

But where can you get the best wigs for black hair? What features should a good wig have and what material should it be made out of to give you the most realistic hairstyle? How much can you be expected to pay for a decent wig for black hair?

Well, people who want to spice up their fashion life with a new hairdo, you won’t have to worry any further, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best wigs for black hair currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you discern the good wigs from the bad ones, as well as some frequently asked questions.


Releek Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women 13x4 Ear to Ear Lace Frontal Wigs Brazilian Deep Wave Wigs with Baby Hair Pre Plucked 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Hair Wigs Human Hair

Our first wig is a very natural one, made from virginal hair that is completely free of any synthetic elements, giving you that good bounce and voluminous look.

When wearing this, your friends and family will have no idea that it’s a wig, giving you the confidence to hit the dancefloor without fear of slippages - introducing the Releek Lace Front Wig For Black Women.

This wig requires absolutely no glue to attach to the hood of your scalp, which is great for people who are in a rush before work in the morning and might not have time to fuss with clips.

This wig is not only luscious and flowing, but it has plenty of accessories to make you feel even more confident and sexy, including 3D dramatic eyelashes and a spray bottle.


  • This is 100%, virginal unprocessed human hair, which means that it will behave in all the ways that a real head of hair would. You can shampoo and wash it thoroughly to keep it in excellent condition.
  • This hair is very easy to style in any way you might see at your local high street hairdresser. You can curl, tousle, cut or straighten this wig, giving you plenty of options for looking and feeling great.
  • There will be zero sheddings with this wig, as each strand is glued in firmly at the root, with a heat-resistant coating over the top.
  • This wig comes with plenty of accessories such as 3D lashes and a free spray bottle to keep your hair lustrous and glossy, as well as making you look killer on the dancefloor!


  • The hairline of this particular wig has not been pre-plucked, so you might have to do it yourself for that neat hairline.


Joedir Lace Front Wigs 30'' Long Wavy Synthetic Wig 4.5' Deep Part HD Transparent Lace For Women 130% Density Wigs(BLACK COLOR)

Our next wig is one that has an impressive length, perfect for those who want plenty of room so they can trim back and style in their own unique way.

This hair is long and wavy, so it might be more suitable for African-American women who want a thick and curly style that will blend it with their natural hair - introducing the Joedir Lace 30-Inch Long Wavy Synthetic Wig.

This lace wig is of the highest quality, coming with plenty of heat-resistant, synthetic fibers that will mean you can wear this wig near heat sources without having to worry about it catching fire.

You can even straighten it without affecting its durability one bit. This is perfect for those who want versatility from their wig.


  • This is one of the most versatile wigs on this list - you can perm, straighten or curl it without affecting the resilience of it at all.
  • This wig will complement most dark-featured women, going well with either black or multi-colored outfits. This will give you class and style no matter where you are.
  • With plenty of length, you have the liberty of trimming your hair back into a short style, although we might recommend a 6-inch wig if you’re looking to have a haircut such as a bob.
  • The price - this is one of the cheaper wigs on the market, which will be ideal for women who are purchasing their first wig and want to stick to a budget.


  • The cap on this wig is slightly more uncomfortable and might irritate if you wear it for consecutive days.
  • This wig might need a few more hair clips to secure it in place.


Jessica Hair 13x6 Lace Front Wigs Human Hair HD Lace Short Bob Wigs Pre Plucked With Baby Hair Curly Brazilian Remy Hair Wigs For Black Women(10 Inch with 150% Density)

This wig can certainly be described as the cutest on this list, made from 100% human hair, you can be certain that you won’t be able to tell the difference once you’ve secured it in place.

It can also be dyed, which is ideal if you fancy a brighter look - introducing the Jessica Hair Lace Front Short Bob Wig.

If you’ve ever watched Pulp Fiction and decided that Mia Wallace is your style icon, then this will certainly be the wig for you. If not, no matter.

You can dye straighten or even perm this wig for that cut curl that will leave men and women envying your look.

Made entirely from the right amount of hair, this bob will move in the same way as a real one would.


  • This wig has not been treated with chemicals, so it won’t start to smell or molt over time. When it comes to having a wig, you’ll want something that won’t let you down when you’re out and about.
  • You can cut, perm or straighten this wig, giving you plenty of style options and allowing you to mimic your favorite film or pop stars.
  • A bob haircut is one of the most popular on the high street, so if being a trendsetter is your thing, pick up one of these amazing wigs today.
  • This wig gives you a lot of bounce, it will transform your entire head and face and, with the right makeup, make you irresistible to whatever sex you desire!


  • Some users have complained that this wig will shed over time.
  • It can become dry after a few washes, so you might want to invest in a wig stand to keep it pristine.


Pizazz 13x4 Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women Glueless 180 Density HD Transparent Deep Wave Frontal wig with Baby Hair Pre Plucked Bleached Knots(14 Inch, Black color)

Our next wig is definitely one to pick if you are of African heritage, coming in 10 inches of long, sleek and all-natural hair.

This wig contains no synthetic elements, with swiss lace on the front to make sure that it stays comfortable when it’s attached to your scalp.

The breathable mesh of this wig will ensure that you won’t have any unnecessary itching or sweating - introducing the Pizazz Lace Front Wigs for Black Women.

It’s no secret that an industry has built up around black women wanting to straighten their hair.

However, most of the techniques involve horrible chemical straightening techniques that can damage your hair over time. 

So what better way to avoid damaging the consistency and beauty of your real hair than with a wig that can take all the damage of straightening, curling and perming.


  • This wig is great for African or African-American women who want to adopt a different style of hair but don’t want to use harmful chemical dyes.
  • This is a great method of saving money on haircuts - you can pick up 5 of these wigs and have one radical new haircut for every day of the week.
  • This wig has a thick density, which will be appealing to those women who might have thinner hair and want that luscious Amy Winehouse look.
  • This wig is very long, so you have plenty of length to reduce it into whatever style you want - one week you can have plaits, the next you can cut it right back into a bob. Nothing is stopping you from getting multiple haircuts from one wig.


  • This wig has an uneven density, which might result in some unsightly shedding after a few months.


No products found.

Our next wig is perfect for wearing at parties, out on the street or at work.

If you have normally straight hair, you’ll have to look twice in the mirror to recognize yourself with these delicious, bouncy curls. 

Despite it being advertised for black women, you can be sure that it will blend in with any skin tone, ideal for an emo or goth look - introducing the ELIM Short Wigs for Black Women.

This is made from high quality North Korean synthetic fibers, so it will be able to withstand a lot of intense heat and rain without curling or fraying.

However, despite the synthetic material, these curls still have their wonderful bouncy texture, moving in much the same way as real hair would.


  • When it comes to curly wigs, this is one of the best we’ve seen, with luscious flowing locks that move in much the same way as real hair does.
  • This hair will suit both the complexion of dark and fair skin, so if you are a metalhead, you can really rock that goth look with this wig.
  • This is made from the highest quality synthetic material, so your hair strands will be a lot more durable than a lot of the other human hair wigs that you’ve seen on this list.
  • The cap on this wig holds very firmly to the head, avoiding those embarrassing wig slippages that you see with cheaper models.


  • The curls are quite uneven, which might disappoint wig wearers who want that consistent distribution of hair across the hair.


Short Straight Bob Wigs Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Human Hair 8 Inch Pre Plucked 13x4 Lace Wigs for Black Women 130% Density with Baby Hair

Our final wig is a bob and is probably one of the highest quality wigs that we’ve seen on this list so far.

It comes made with natural hair, so it will move in much the same way as its natural counterparts, with enough length on it for you to style to your favorite high street haircut - introducing the Original Queen Short Straight Bob Wig.

You can cut, curl and perm this wig, giving you a lot of versatility over how you present your head to the world.

You can even dye it blue, green or red, giving you that exciting tinge when you hold it up to the light. This wig is also glueless, attaching your head with comfortable straps.


  • This bob is dead straight, so you can go for that classic look or whip out the curling iron and give yourself a few sexy ringlets.
  • This is made from 100% human hair, so it will move and behave in much the same way as the stuff that grows out of your head.
  • Because of the composition of this hair, friends, family and strangers on the street certainly won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing a hairpiece.
  • This hair is also some of the softest we have felt, hopefully, it will encourage someone you have your eye on to run their fingers through it!


  • This hair is thin and uneven in places. It also tends to shed after a few months of use.

Best Wigs For Black Hair Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a new wig, it’s important to know the differences between the types of wig that are available on the market, as this will help you narrow down what type and style you need for what you have in mind.

Polyurethane Wigs

These wigs are generally a lot thinner and pigmented especially to match your skin tone. They tend to use adhesive and tapes rather than adjustable straps and are often suitable for concealing balding from medical conditions.

To maintain this properly, once it’s removed you need to soak it in an adhesive-removing solution and then place it on the sink facing upwards. Then scrape off any excess residue and wash the hair with a shampoo, finally wiping it with alcohol to remove bacteria.

Mesh Wigs

Mesh wigs are made from a full lace material with elements of monofilament.

These are very adaptable and can be styled in countless styles, whether it is tucked behind the ears, parted or quiffed into a vertical style. A lot of them are made from natural hair, giving you that authentic look.

U-Part Wigs

These wigs have adjustable straps at the back that help you disguise the hairline.

They are very versatile and are the most popular option for users who have larger head sizes.

Open Wefted Wigs

These wigs have the hair machine-sewed into the cap, which gives the wig artificial pores that will allow it to breathe better, meaning less irritation and sweating in the scalp.

They are generally the most affordable of the wigs that we’ve listed above and are great for the casual wig-wearer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can You Be Expected To Pay For A Decent Wig?

Wigs can range from anywhere between $30 and $250, it all depends on the amount of hair and the quality of the weave. If you’re looking for a wig to complement your natural hairstyle on the dancefloor, we would recommend spending no more than $100.

However, if you are suffering from a medical condition like alopecia or cancer that has caused significant hair loss and you’ll need a permanent replacement hair piece, we recommend spending the most amount of money on a replacement.

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