Best Wide Tooth Comb

Are you bored of wasting time trying to brush your way through knotty hair to no avail? When you get out of the shower, you don’t want to use a hairbrush that causes damage, breakages, and even prolonged pain detangling your hair!

You’d rather have a comb that can glide through the biggest of knots with ease, leaving you with silky and soft hair that anyone would be envious of.

You should never brush your hair with a hairbrush when it is wet, as your hair is more fragile and susceptible to breakages when it is soaking wet, and brushing it can lead to damage and an increase in split-ends.

A wide tooth comb can be a real game-changer to your hair care routine and is an essential part of taking care of frail strands that need that extra bit of TLC.

Best wide tooth comb

With copious amounts of wide tooth combs on the market, it can be difficult to find the one that is best for you and your hair type.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five wide tooth combs to take the hassle out of the search, making it easier for you to invest in your hair care.

Alongside this, we’ve written a helpful buyer’s guide of things to consider when choosing a comb alongside some frequently asked questions.

Say goodbye to split-ends and hello to silky, smooth hair!

Check out our top pick below! 


HYOUJIN Black Large Wide Tooth Comb Detangler Detangling Paddle Brush, Care Handgrip Comb-Best Styling Comb for Curly,Wet,Long Hair

The HYOUJIN Black Wide Tooth Comb is designed with sleek hair in mind, perfect for women with wavy, frizz-prone hair looking to defy humidity for a smooth & sleek end look.

This comb is perfect to use with wet hair! Avoid tangling stresses and hair breakages with this gentle tool, giving you consistent results every time!

The HYOUJIN comb offers you the control necessary for superior hair care. Say goodbye to tangles and knots and finally enjoy a pain-free hair care experience. 

The sturdy design is built for durability, making this comb the perfect, reliable everyday tool for your hair care.


  • Easy to comb and drag-free! Comb through your hair without resistance, making hair wash day a more gentle experience you no longer need to dread! 
  • This comb enables you to care for your hair properly and is designed to glide through thick, frizz-prone hair and tame the biggest of knots without fuss.
  • Great for damaged hair to help prevent further breakage, ensuring fewer trims are needed between haircuts. 


  • One customer found that the teeth of this particular comb were too large to detangle their hair.


Onedor Handmade 100% Natural Green Sandalwood Hair Combs - Anti-Static Sandalwood Scent Natural Hair Detangler Wooden Comb (Wide Tooth),1 Count (Pack of 1)

The Onedor Handmade 100% Natural Green Sandalwood Hair Comb is designed for easy combing to prevent damage and split-ends.

Unlike plastic combs, this sandalwood hair comb is made with anti-snag, antistatic technology for your convenience. 

Crafted with refined traditional handicrafts, that aims for a well-polished, smooth, and seamless result every time! 

With the subtle smell of sandalwood, this comb is crafted for smooth results, giving you the optimum precision in styling that you desire.


  • No synthetic materials. Made of 100% natural green sandalwood that is designed to be gentle on your hair.
  • This comb is antistatic, meaning you can comb as much as you like for that sleek look without the worry that your hair will be standing up on end!
  • Helps to relieve tension and stimulate the scalp.


  • A few customers claimed that this comb was smaller than they had expected.


HYOUJIN Wide Tooth Comb Detangling Hair Brush Paddle Hair Comb Care Handgrip Comb-Best Styling Comb for Long Wet or Curly Reduce Hair Loss and Dandruff & Headache-Minimal breakages

The HYOUJIN Wide Tooth Comb is made with durability in mind and is specifically designed for everyday use.

This plastic hair comb is designed for all hair types, making it the perfect, versatile tool for your hair care routine. 

Round Handle Comb is designed to provide precise trimming and smooth, drag-free combing and offers you the control necessary for superior hair care.

With comfortable hand-grip and wide-spaced teeth, this comb is designed to detangle even the biggest of knots!


  • Perfect for all hair types, this comb is versatile for everyday use.
  • Designed to combat hair breakage or fallout, this comb glides smoothly without hurting the scalp or damaging your hair. 
  • This comb comes with a felt sleeve pouch for storage and to transport with ease.


  • One customer noted that this comb was too wide-toothed to detangle their hair. 


SALONSOLUTIONS Round-Handle Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb Huge Size (1PC, Black)

The SALONSOLUTIONS Round-Handle Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb is designed to detangle without causing damage to your hair or scalp.

This comb is made from durable, thick plastic, so it is built to withstand daily use without hassle.

The wide teeth are designed to smooth long, thick hair, when wet or dry.

The paddle comb design is great for detangling as well as styling. Use this comb to create volume and bounce using a hairdryer or use it to tame frizz and smooth your hair for that sleek look.


  • An essential tool for your hair care routine that is built for everyday use. 
  • This comb is made out of durable plastic that does not bend, so you don’t have to worry about those tougher knots and can tackle them with ease!
  • Perfect for thicker hair and to maintain and care for wigs.


  • A few customers noted that this comb was bulkier than they had been hoping for.


Giorgio G53 Wide Tooth Comb for Curly Hair Detangler, Wide Tooth Combs for Women with Thick Hair, Large Tooth Comb For Wet Hair and Dry, Handmade Rake Comb Detangler Saw-Cut and Hand Polished (8')

The Giorgio G53 Large Coarse Hair Detangling Comb is designed to painlessly glide through hair without pulling. 

This comb is a wide-tooth comb designed to detangle, making it very flexible and long-lasting. It is hand saw-cut by special circular saws and hand polished for premium quality results.

Professional grade styling wide comb for men and women, for keeping your hair, wigs, and extensions in great condition, also ideal as a styling beard comb for men.

The wide-tooth comb is a must for detangling wet hair since lots of hair can glide through the wide teeth, which means your hair is far less likely to break.


  • Smooth and seamless comb to detangle your hair!
  • Reduces hair breakage and fallout.
  • Unconditional 100% guarantee on all beauty products! Receive a hassle-free refund should you feel dissatisfied with this comb.


  • One customer claimed that this particular wide tooth comb was not as durable as they had expected. 

Best Wide Tooth Comb Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider when choosing a wide tooth comb, but it mainly comes down to the type of hair that you have and the quality of the comb.

You want to make sure that the comb that you choose is specifically designed for your hair type or alternatively, you should pick one that is suitable for all hair types. 

Taking care of your hair is an investment that isn’t simply a luxury, but is also essential for the growth and health of your hair. As a result, it is important that you are not persuaded into buying the first comb that you find.

It is essential that you do your own research before making a decision on which comb is best for you, taking into account your hair type and what you intend to use the wide tooth comb for.

We’ve written a buyer’s guide to help you in your search for the best wide tooth comb, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Check out the features below before clicking ‘buy’. 


Although you might not care about the brand of a product, when it comes to investing in hair care products, it is important to know whether the brand you choose is suitable for you and has a good reputation, particularly as their products are an extension of their brand. 

A high-quality, reputable brand is likely to produce high-quality products that you can put your trust in. If a product is affiliated with a professional barber or hairdresser’s brand, it is more likely that it is a good quality product as it is their brand’s name that is associated with that product.

When it comes to cheaper, less popular brands there is generally more room to make less durable products for a cheaper price. However, the initial save you make won’t last long if your new comb breaks sooner than you had anticipated!

To avoid disappointment, you should ensure that you research the brand of the comb before you buy it. You’ll want to buy a comb that is going to last for years to come. After all, investing in your hair care is important to the health of your hair!


Something to consider when purchasing a wide tooth comb is its durability. You’ll want a comb that can easily glide through knots and tangles, and withstand everyday use. Make sure that you’re buying a comb that can endure your hair on the knottiest of days!

A durable wide tooth comb will be on the thicker side, with teeth that are designed to mimic gentle finger combing without pulling on your hair.

The true durability and quality of a comb won’t be obvious until it has to tackle a big tangled knot. However, look for a comb that is designed for your hair type, as it is likely to last longer if you’re not putting more pressure on your hair and if you’re not expecting more than what the comb is designed to achieve.


The quality of the comb you look for comes hand in hand with durability and is definitely something you should think about before buying a wide tooth comb. 

A good quality wide tooth comb will be made out of good quality materials. These materials include an array of natural and synthetic materials, such as metal, wood, and plastic, the choice of which will largely depend on your personal preference and previous experience with your hair type. 

High-quality features to look out for are if a comb claims to be snag-resistant, static-free, and gentle on your hair to ensure that fewer breakages occur after frequent or daily use.

Hairdresser recommended 

Something you may want to consider is whether the wide tooth comb that you are looking at is recommended by professional barbers and hairdressers.

Lots of wide tooth combs are used by hairdressers for styling, combing, and for sometimes ensuring a straighter cut when they are trimming your hair.

Whether a hairdresser recommends a comb or the product description claims that the brand of the comb is used by hairdressers, it is usually a good indication of whether a comb is of good quality if a professional would use it and is something to look out for! 

Wide tooth comb v hairbrush 

The age-old question regarding hair care often comes back to which is better: a wide tooth comb or a hairbrush? This will largely depend on your hair type and personal preference.

Wide tooth combs allow for precision styling and gentler brushing when your hair is wet, making it less likely that you will damage or cause your hair to break after a shower.

Hair brushes on the other hand are much better to use to achieve a wider range of hairstyles when your hair is dry but can be damaging after a shower, as you are much more likely to damage your hair if you use one when your hair is wet. 

The most important thing to remember, regardless of whether you choose to use a brush or a comb, is that you need to be gentle when brushing your hair.

Breakages are most likely to occur when you apply poor brushing techniques, and not all brushes and combs are made with equal quality - so be careful not to brush too hard. 

Intended use 

Something else you should consider is the intended use of your wide tooth comb. Quite often you will find that wide tooth combs are multi-functional and can handle multiple types of hair.

However, you’ll want to think about what you intend to use your new comb for, and how many types of hair you’ll need it to comb. 

If you plan to use it to aid cutting hair, you’ll likely want one that isn’t specified for only one type of hair, but multiple, so you can use it for lots of different people. 

Alternatively, if it is a comb for personal use, then take your own hair type into consideration. How often you wash your hair and intend to use the comb may also affect your decision making when choosing the right wide tooth comb for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is brushing your hair when it is wet bad?

The answer to this question comes back to the fact that when your hair is wet, it is more fragile and susceptible to breakages.

If you prefer to use a hairbrush in comparison to a wide tooth comb, then it is generally recommended that you brush your hair until it is tangle free before you shampoo and condition it.

This will ensure that you are taking the precautions needed to prevent causing breakages and damage to your hair. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to brush your hair when it is wet, it is recommended that using a wide tooth comb or a Tangle Teezer is better as they are generally gentler on strands of hair. 

Is using a wide tooth comb good for my hair?

Generally speaking, a wide tooth comb is much more gentle on wet hair than other tools, such as a bristle brush, would be. Harsher tools can pull and drag your hair, making it more prone to being weakened and can cause breakages.

That being said, your hair is always going to be more fragile when wet so take care when brushing it through with your comb, applying gentle strokes. The health of your hair will depend on a combination of the tool that you use and the care you take to look after it. 

Save yourself fewer trips to the salon by taking care of your hair properly! 

Are combs or brushes better for your hair?

The answer to this question depends on the specific brushes and combs concerned, as it is likely to differ depending on the quality of the product. It will also depend on your own experiences, too, and the type of hair that you have. 

Generally speaking, though, combs and brushes that have wider-spaced teeth and bristles are better for your hair health as they are less likely to tear or cause breakages as they are typically gentler on your hair. 

However, it is important to note that the tool that you use is only as good as the technique that you apply. If you are too rough in technique when brushing or combing your hair, it is likely that you’ll be doing damage to your hair regardless of the tool that you use.

That being said, some tools can make the process a lot easier for you, so find one that works for you - not against you! 

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