Best Synthetic Wigs

There are many reasons why individuals may opt to wear a wig. This may be for style reasons, health problems, or issues surrounding the condition of their hair and this is where a wig comes in handy.

A synthetic wig is composed of man-made fibers that closely resembles the appearance of real human hair. They are also available in a range of styles and lengths.  

For those that lack previous experience in selecting a wig, the process can appear a little overwhelming. With many different styles and colors available, it is important to ensure that you select the wig that suits the look that you want to achieve.

We have reviewed our top five picks of the best options available and we have also included a handy buyer's guide with our top tips for selecting the best wig for your requirements. 

Are you in a hurry? If so, we have selected our top pick for you below. 


K'ryssma Black Synthetic Wigs for Black Women, Natural Looking Long Wavy Wigs Right Side Parting NONE Lace Front Black Wig Heat Resistant Fiber Wigs Hair Replacement Wig 24 inch

For those seeking a dark colored synthetic wig, this option for K'ryssma is a viable option.

Made using high-quality synthetic fibers it is 24" long and has a wavy texture. You can be sure that this wig is going to be a stylish option.

A great thing about this wig is that it is available in a variety of styles.

If this option doesn't cater to your preferences, you can opt for a straight option, a style with a headband, or a wig with bangs. This is great in allowing you to select the best option to cater to your style. 

The wig cap is 22.5" in circumference and comes with adjustable straps that allow you to customize the size should you need it to be smaller. In fact, you can specifically make it 1 to 1.5" smaller.

As a heat-resistant wig, it is a great option for those who are likely to use heat products to style their hair.

Because of this, you don't need to worry about the quality of the fibers deteriorating following exposure to higher temperatures. In fact, it can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Retailing within an affordable price range it is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget. 
  • It is available in a variety of styles that are great for catering to different preferences.
  • As a heat resistant wig, it can withstand higher temperatures. 
  • It comes with two wig caps so you have a spare available. 
  • This is a soft wig that holds its shape when it has been styled.


  • Unfortunately, the hair is prone to becoming tangled easily which may become problematic.


Netgo Blonde Ombre Wigs with Bangs, Strawberry Blonde Ombre Light Blonde Wigs, Long Curly Wavy Hair Wig for Women, Heat Resistant Synthetic Daily Party Wigs

As a bestseller with an impressive star rating, the Netgo Strawberry Blonde Synthetic Wig is a strong contender.

Made using premium quality materials it is composed of 100% synthetic fibers that are resistant to wear and heat. For this reason, it offers long-lasting durability and is likely to see you through many wears. 

We particularly like how this wig is available in a huge array of colors. Regardless of your style preferences, there is bound to be an option available to suit you.

From ash blonde to black and brown ombre to mint green, this wig caters to many different tastes. 

The wig can be adjusted to cater to the circumference of your head so that it fits comfortably.

The netting of the cap is also 100% breathable so it can be worn in warmer climates without collecting a lot of sweat and moisture which is likely to result in irritations. 

As a versatile wig, it can be worn for a range of occasions. While some may wish to wear this wig daily, others may require this wig for parties and fancy dress purposes, etc.

Should you need to you can also trim the wig to suit the look that you want to achieve. 


  • As this wig is covered by an after sales guarantee you are covered should you experience any issues.
  • It is available in an impressive assortment of colors. 
  • The cap is adjustable to suit different head sizes. 
  • The fibers are very soft and look natural.
  • You can cut the bangs and length of the wig if you desire.


  • This wig is on the smaller side which may make it unsuitable for all individuals. 


ENTRANCED STYLES Short Dark Brown Wigs for Women Wavy Bob Wig with Bangs Women's Shoulder Length Synthetic Curly Pastel Bob Wig for Girl Colorful Cosplay Wigs

If you are looking for a shorter wig, look no further than this ENTRANCED STYLES synthetic brown wig. Not only is it short, but it is curly too which allows you to create different styles. 

This wig is 14 inches in length with a wig cap that has a circumference of 22.5".

It is equipped with two straps that allow you to customize the fit of the cap according to the size of your head. For this reason, you can wear this wig with comfort. 

As a lace wig, it is going to sit on the front, back and sides of your head and the mesh material is going to make it comfortable and breathable.

When wearing a wig it can soon become pretty warm particularly when worn over prolonged periods and this can lead to a build-up of sweat which can result in discomfort.

A great thing about this wig is that it is heat resistant and so you can style your hair using your favorite appliances without worrying about it becoming damaged.

Aside from this, it is also available in a range of exciting colors that allows you to select the best option that caters to your style. 


  • The breathable design allows for comfortable wear even in warmer climates. 
  • The adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit of the wig so that it fits comfortably. 
  • It is great value for money as it retails within an affordable price range.
  • The ear tabs are lined and this is going to help to prevent any irritations from occurring. 
  • It is heat resistant and so it is going to withstand higher temperatures without getting damaged.


  • Some customers have reported that this wig looks a little fake which is unlikely to cater to the style preferences of some.


MERISIHAIR Long Black Wig with Bangs,26 Inches Synthetic Wavy Bang Black Wigs for Women, Women Long Curly Heat Resistant Black Hair Wig,Cosplay Selena Black Wig

The MERISIHAIR Black Wavy Synthetic Wig is designed with bangs and high-quality fibers with a super soft texture.

Despite being marketed as a wavy wig it can be straightened if you would prefer. You also have the versatility to style the bangs as you would like to. 

In regards to the size, the cap circumference measures 23” but can be adjusted so you can customize the fit according to the size of your head.

If needed it can be made at least 4” smaller. The fibers of this wig are also heat resistant so you can continue to style it with your favorite appliances without causing the wig to become damaged. 

The wig cap has been designed with comfort in mind. The elasticated rose net is breathable so you can wear this wig with the assurance that you are not going to be subject to a build-up of sweat and moisture in warmer climates which can quickly become uncomfortable.

We particularly like the assortment of colors that this wig can be purchased in. While some may wish to opt for blonde, brown, or black others may wish to opt for a pink, purple, or burgundy wig. 


  • Despite being a synthetic wig it looks very natural. 
  • It is very affordable and a great option for those who are on a budget.
  • It can be curled or straightened depending on your preference.
  • Available in a range of colors you can select your desired option.
  • As it is made from breathable materials it is comfortable to wear over prolonged periods.


  • The hair is a little thin which may affect its longevity and styling capabilities. 


VCKOVCKO Wavy Wig Short Bob Wigs With Air Bangs Shoulder Length Women's Short Wig Curly Wavy Synthetic Cosplay Wig Pastel Bob Wig for Girl Colorful Costume Wigs(12', Mix Blue)

The VCKOVCKO Short Bob Wig is a great option for those who want a wig that is easier to style.

It is made from Kanekalon synthetic fibers which are strong and durable and resistant to shedding and tangling. Aside from this, it is also easy to put on and take off for greater wearer convenience. 

Weighing 280g it is lightweight and so it isn’t going to feel weighty and uncomfortable. The cap also comes with adjustable straps which allow you to customize the fit so that it fits comfortably on your head. 

The cap is made from a breathable material that allows the air to circulate freely. If you are going to be wearing this wig during warmer weather this is important because it is going to prevent the build-up of sweat and moisture.

As the fibers are resistant to heat you can style them without any concerns regarding the deterioration of quality.

The fibers are also super versatile and allow you to curl or straighten your hair depending on what you would prefer. 


  • This wig is covered by a 30-day return policy if you are dissatisfied with the quality. 
  • The simulated cap makes it comfortable to wear over prolonged periods. 
  • It is available in a range of different colors so you can choose your preferred option.
  • The fibers are resistant to high temperatures so they aren’t going to become easily damaged. 
  • As a stylish wig, it can be worn for a range of different occasions.


  • Some customers have reported that this wig is a little itchy which may lead to possible irritations. 

Best Synthetic Wigs Buying Guide

There are several factors that you will need to consider before investing in your synthetic wig.

Although they are all defined by the same title, particular characteristics set the different options apart. From the length of the wig to the style and texture, considering each of these factors will ensure that you select the best synthetic wig for you. 

The Length

Wigs are available in many lengths. Some manufacturers will offer their wigs in a selection of lengths, while others will create wigs in one length.

Before browsing the market, it is worth having an idea in mind regarding the length of the wig that you would like. The length can be categorized into the following three categories; short, medium, and long.

While longer wigs provide you with more flexibility to experiment with the hairstyles that you can create, shorter wigs tend to be easier to maintain. 

The Style

While some people may opt for a style that they are familiar with, others may choose to be more adventurous. If this is the first time that you are investing in a wig, we would advise you to opt for a style that you are familiar with as you are likely to find it easier to style.

As your confidence develops, you may then wish to experiment more with the wigs that you wear and the styles that you create. There are many different styles available for example, straight wigs, curly wigs, and many more.

With so many different styles to choose from you are more than likely to find a wig that resembles the look that you want to achieve.

The Cap Size

The cap size is going to be important in determining the suitability of your wig with your head. Most wigs are designed with a cap that makes it easier to fit onto your head.

The specifications of your wig will state the size. It is important to ensure that you select the correct fitting wig otherwise it is likely to be uncomfortable.

A wig that is too small is likely to result in possible irritations. It is worth measuring your head before selecting your wig as this will make it easier to narrow the selection down to find the best option.

The majority of wigs are available in a range of sizes so you can select the best option for your head size. Many caps also come with adjustable features that allow you to customize the fit so that it fits your head properly. 

The Color

Selecting the correct colored wig is very important in helping you to achieve your desired look. While some wigs are available in a range of colors, others are available in singular colors.

When purchasing a wig online, it can be difficult to assess how it is going to look in reality. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to existing customers' reviews regarding the color before assessing whether it is the right option for you. 

Heat Resistance

If you are likely to be using heat appliances to style the wig it is important to ensure that the fibers are heat resistant.

The fibers of synthetic wigs aren't intended to withstand high levels of heat, however, a heat resistant wig will damage when exposed to these temperatures. Failure to do so and continuing to use heated appliances can affect the quality of your wig.

The Features

When browsing the selection of wigs available it is worth considering whether you require any additional features. For example, some wigs are designed with bangs while others aren't.

Also as mentioned above some wigs have caps while others do not. Considering these factors will help you select the best wig for your taste. You will likely find that bangs can alter the overall appearance of the wig and how easy it is to style.

The Quality

The quality of the wig is going to determine how long it is going to last. Those that are poorly designed are likely to deteriorate at a faster pace when exposed to regular brushing and washing.

However, those that are made with high-quality fibers are likely to last much longer. It is important to ensure that your wig is correctly maintained. If your wig is going to be worn regularly this is particularly important in preventing it from becoming matted.

The Price

Synthetic wigs provide a much more affordable option when compared to wigs that are made from real hair. The majority of synthetic wigs retail under $50 although there are many factors that are going to affect the cost.

The most significant factor is going to be the quality. A wig that is poorly made is likely to retail within a lower price range.

However, those that are made from higher quality synthetic fibers are likely to retail within a higher price range. We have included a variety in our guide above to cater to different budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are synthetic wigs worth it?

Yes, many would suggest that a synthetic wig is a worthy purchase.

Of course, it depends on the price that you are willing to pay as this is often reflected in the quality. A heat friendly wig is preferable as they tend to have less shine and look more realistic. 

How long will a synthetic wig last?

Synthetic wigs provide a more affordable option than wigs that are made from real hair, however, for this reason, they often compromise on longevity. You should expect your synthetic wig to last for around 4 to 6 months if worn daily.

A wig that is worn on a more irregular basis is likely to last longer than this. 

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