Best U Part Wigs

A U part wig is one that has been designed with a U-shaped opening at the front of the wig. As such, this opening allows you to blend your natural hair into the wig so that it appears more natural. 

The design of a U part wig allows you to pull sections of your hair through the hole that is typically situated on the top or side of the wig. Others may choose to add a closure that allows you to close this section without using your hair. 

If you lack previous experience in buying a wig not to worry as we have you covered. To create this guide, we have browsed the market before selecting and reviewing our top five picks of the best U part wigs available.

For those who would benefit from additional guidance before making their purchase, below we have also included a handy buyer's guide that contains our top tips for selecting the best U part wig to achieve your desired look.

If you are in a hurry, not to worry as we have jumped right in and selected our top pick for you below.


ALIMICE upart human hair wig body wave u part wigs for black women 12A Brazilian human hair u wig with u part 220% Density (body wave 14 inch, u body wave)

The ALIMICE U Part wig is made from 100% Brazilian human hair and is excellent quality with a soft texture.

If maintained correctly, it is going to resist tangling and shedding. As a human hair wig, it can also be dyed and styled as you would like. 

As for fitting the wig, the U part opening is positioned at the front of the wig and the cap allows you to fit it with ease.

Surrounding the U part opening are 4 clips that allow you to secure the wig to your head. This is super convenient as it doesn't require any glue and can be fitted quickly. 

This wig is available in a range of sizes and styles so you can select the best option for your taste. Made from Brazilian hair it is super versatile with a healthy appearance and texture. 

We are particularly impressed with the ways in which this wig can be styled. If you are not satisfied with the current state of the wig, as mentioned previously you can customize it to suit your preferences.

Whether you want to cut it, dye it, or curl it, it is going to hold its style well.  


  • It retails at an affordable price that makes it great value for money.
  • It can be secured via the two clips that surround the U part opening.
  • As a human hair wig, it is voluminous and soft in texture. 
  • As a longed haired wig it provides you with greater freedom to create a range of exciting hairstyles. 
  • It is available in many styles and sizes to suit different individuals.


  • Unfortunately, this wig doesn't hold curls very well as they loosen soon after being styled.


U Part Wig Kinky Straight Wigs for Black Women, 12 inch Italian Half Wig Upgraded U Shape Clip in Wigs Yaki Straight UPart Remy Human Hair Extension

With a kinky straight style, the Urbeauty U Part Human Hair Wig is a great choice for those looking for length and volume.

While this particular wig is 12” in length, it is also available in several other lengths allowing you to select the option that is going to compliment your style preference.

The wig is made from human hair so you can be confident in the quality. When secured to your head correctly, it is also going to make your hair look thicker and glossier.

The hair is black and oozes a natural appeal, however, if you would like, you can dye the hair.

Fitting the wig is pretty straightforward and as it is glueless it can be done within minutes, great for those who don’t have a lot of time to spare.

The U parting is situated on the front of the wig and once you have sectioned your hair, it can then be secured using clips. For this wig to be the most effective, it should be used by those who have hair that is 11” or longer.

The capsize is 22” and likely to fit those with an average head size. If you feel as though the cap is too big, you can use the adjustable straps to make it tighter.

Once you have adjusted the cap to the correct size you can then use the side combs to secure it in place. 


  • It is available in 3 different styles so you can choose your favorite option.
  • This is a great value option as it retails at an affordable price. 
  • There are 7 different sizes available so you can select the best option for your existing hairstyle. 
  • It can be dyed and suits different colors particularly well.
  • It has a soft texture with a natural appeal.


  • Unfortunately, this wig is prone to losing its texture after it has been washed.


Rossy&Nancy 10A Grade Product 100% Virgin Brazilian Human Hair Left U Part Wigs Wavy with Side Bangs 180% Density Natural Black color 16inch

The Ross&Nancy U Part Human Hair Wig is composed of 100% Brazilian hair and has a soft and silky texture that closely resembles natural hair.

This wig in particular is 16” long although it is available in an array of other sizes too. Whether you're looking for a short wig or a wig with more length, there is likely to be an option available to cater to your needs. 

While this wig is naturally black in color, just like our previous pick it can be dyed if necessary.

This wig comes naturally wavy however there is the option to style it using curlers or straighteners if this caters to your taste more effectively. 

The U parting is located on the left side of the wig and the cap is composed of strong Swiss lace. This cap is also natural in color and so once fitted it isn’t going to appear visible.

Aside from this, the lace is also soft and likely to feel comfortable against your head. 

In regards to securing the cap, it doesn’t require the use of glue. Instead, you can use the elastic bands situated at the back of the cap.

Although this cap is predominantly intended for those with a head circumference of 22”, the tightness can be adjusted before securing the cap in place using the combs and clips. 


  • This wig is available in an impressive selection of lengths to cater to different preferences.
  • If you would like, you can dye the hair of this wig without affecting the quality. 
  • It has a soft texture and blends well into natural hair. 
  • It can be styled easily and maintains different hairstyles well.
  • It is easy to secure this wig to your head without using glue.


  • Some customers have reported that the wig is a little large and so some may need to adjust it a lot to fit their head.


PANEWAY U Part Wig Human Hair Straight Bob Wigs For Black Women 12 inch Brazilian Remy Hair Short Bob Human Hair Wigs Clip in U Part Wig Human Hair Extensions Natural Color

For those looking for a wig that is shorter in length, the PANEWAY U Part Human Hair Wig is a worthy option.

As a bob wig, it is 12” in length and is also available in a 10” option if you would like to opt for a shorter option. This wig has been made from Brazilian Remy human hair with a soft texture that is resistant to tangling and shedding. 

This wig is naturally black, however, if you would like to experiment with different colors it can be dyed. You can also bleach the wig if you wish without any risk of affecting the quality.

Although this wig is naturally straight in style, it can also be styled in whatever way you would like. 

The U parting is situated at the front of the wig and can be secured without using glue. This is great for those that have limited time available as it can be conveniently fitted with ease.

Position the wig securely onto your head before sectioning your hair through the U parting to blend the wig in with your natural hair. 

The wig cap is medium-sized and comes with 4 clips and 2 combs on both sides of the U parting.

If necessary you can then use these combs and clips to alter the size of the U parting to suit different head sizes and preferences. 


  • It is great quality with a soft texture.
  • It can hold different styles well for long-lasting wear. 
  • As a versatile wig, you have the option to adjust it to a comfortable fit. 
  • It retails at a super affordable price and is a great budget-friendly option.
  • It can be quickly fitted with ease.


  • This wig is prone to shredding especially once it has been washed.


No products found.

The Sunny U Part Half Wig has been made from human hair similar to our previous picks.

While this wig is 18” in length, it is also available in a 12”, 14”, 16”, and 20” option, so there is plenty of choices that allow you to select the length that suits the look you want to achieve. 

A great thing about this wig is that it is going to look very natural. As a half wig, it can be used to add volume while ensuring that your natural hair still has space to breathe.

For this reason, it is likely to be much more comfortable to wear, particularly useful if it is likely to be worn over prolonged periods. 

The U parting is situated at the front of the wig and can be fitted via the cap without the need for glue.

As a medium-sized cap, it has a circumference measuring 22” and is equipped with clips and an elasticated rope that allows you to customize the fit. 

Although this makes the wig easy to put on once positioned, it is going to remain securely in place. 

We particularly like the assortment of colors in which this wig is available. With many different shades available you are more than likely to find a wig that suits your requirements.

The pleasant design accounts for wearer comfort and also allows you to style the hair to suit your preference. 


  • As a U part half wig, it adds volume and is great for those who have naturally thin hair. 
  • Available in an array of different colors you can select the option that suits your style. 
  • There are multiple styles available so you can choose the option that is going to be best suited to your hair and the look you want to achieve. 
  • It has a soft style that makes it easy to style.
  • It can be easily secured using the clips.


  • Some may find the hair to be a little too thin. 

Best U Part Wigs Buying Guide

There are several factors that you will need to consider before selecting your U part wig.

With many styles available it is important to consider the following criteria to ensure that you select the right wig for you. 

The Length

First, you will need to consider the length of the wig that you desire. There are some available that are shorter in length, others that are medium and longer options too.

While some manufacturers offer their wigs in multiple sizes others offer a more minimal selection. The length that you choose is likely to depend on your preferences.

Shorter wigs are easier to maintain, however, longer wigs give you the freedom to experiment with the hairstyles that you create.

It is also likely to depend upon the climate in which you are likely to be wearing the wig. In warmer weather, a shorter wig is going to be more comfortable by collecting less heat. 

The Color

The color of the wig can be hugely influential upon the look that you are going to achieve.

Most wigs are available in a range of colors with some that are more natural and others that are bolder and a little more adventurous.

The color of the wig that you choose is likely to be determined by your style and the color you feel comfortable with.

The Type of Wig

Next up you will need to decide on a type of wig as there are some available. Some are made from human hair and others are made with synthetic fibers.

As expected a human wig is going to look more realistic and is likely to last longer. However, wigs made from human hair require regular maintenance to maintain the quality. The other option is a synthetic wig.

Synthetic fibers tend to be easier to hold their style for longer. They are also a more affordable option. The downside to synthetic wigs is that they don't tend to last for as long.

The Style

Wigs are available in a range of styles. For example, some are straight while others are wavy.

It is important to choose the style that is going to compliment your taste. As expected the style of the wig is going to influence your final look.

A great thing about many U Part wigs is that they can be styled in different ways. 

Fitting the Wig

While some wigs will be designed with caps and adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit, others will need to be attached using glue.

The specifications of your wig will provide you with guidance regarding how it should be fitted.

There are also a few options that don't require any complex fitting at all. As such you simply need to fit the wig to your head and either use a closure or pull your natural hair through the U parting to secure it. 

The Quality

The quality of the wig is going to be crucial in deciding how long it lasts. Wigs that are made from human hair tend to be of higher quality than those made with synthetic fibers.

However, this isn't to say that the market does not offer good quality synthetic options too. It is also important to ensure that you implement the correct maintenance to ensure that the wig maintains its quality once it is in your care.

For example, wigs made with real hair are going to require regular washing and all wigs need to be brushed to prevent them from becoming matted or tangled. 

The Price

U part wigs retail at varying prices, while some retail below $50, others retail over $100. Several factors are going to determine the cost of the wig.

As mentioned, wigs composed of real hair are more expensive because they tend to be of higher quality. Wigs that are made from synthetic fibers tend to provide a more affordable option because they don't offer the longevity of a human hair wig.

Other factors such as the brand and style are also likely to determine the cost. We have included a variety in our guide above with options to cater to different budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are U part wigs better?

There are many benefits associated with U part wigs.

They tend to look more natural as they blend into your hair. This also provides you with greater versatility when it comes to styling your hair.

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