Best Lace Wig Glue For Oily Skin

Lace wigs have become a popular accessory for many women over the past few years.

Specially made with human or synthetic hair, these intricate wigs are tied by hand to a sheer lace base that then fits over the scalp. These can come in many shapes and sizes with different types being used for several reasons.

To keep these lace wigs in place, you will need adhesives. These should hold comfortably to the skin without coming off or causing any irritation.

Taking time to find the right adhesive for your wig and scalp can determine your wig’s appearance and longevity.

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Esha Lace Wig Adhesive Glue, Strong Hold, Set of 2

First up is a top-quality product from Esha Lace.

You won’t have to worry about which is the best glue for oily skin any more because here it is. Esha Lace Wig Adhesive Glue is perfect for all skin types but specializes in oily skin. 

The different ingredients in the glue combine for safe use on any skin. An amazing aspect of this glue is that it is water and oil resistant. This means you can comfortably wear your lace wig in the knowledge that the oil on your scalp has no effect on it whatsoever.

Your lace wig won’t be going anywhere in a hurry with the Esha Lace Wig Adhesive Glue. It provides an ultra-secure hold to keep it in place in all conditions. Don’t worry though, it will come off.

It comes with a remover that will ensure your natural hair is not damaged. Esha Lace has produced a super-strong adhesive that any wig enthusiast will love.

It provides extreme sturdiness as well as the utmost comfort.

It can be difficult to achieve a natural-looking hairline with many lace wigs and glues. This isn’t a problem with the Esha Lace Wig Adhesive Glue as it will secure your wig in no time and look completely natural against your scalp.


  • The glue comes with a remover  so you don’t have to shop around for a wig remover agent
  • Made from clinically tested ingredients and is free of any irritants
  • Can withstand water and oily skin or humidity
  • The remover rinses off easily and quickly
  • The glue holds the wig firmly in place in any activity


  • Glue last for only 24 hours


Water Proof Adhesive for Wig and Toupee; Davlyn Black Adhesive Works Well with Oily Skin; Attach Wig with Glue: Lace or Polyurethane Liquid Adhesive Hair from Davlyn

Our second choice is Davlyn Black Adhesive. This works really well with oily skin and keeps your lace wig in place perfectly without any irritation.

If you want a strong and reliable adhesive, this is a great choice. When you first apply this to your scalp, it will feel watery and thin.

This soon becomes thicker and very sticky resulting in a secure wig. Davlyn Black Adhesive will hold up all day, rain, or shine. 

Many users have said how easy it is to use compared to its competitors. Applying the glue is simple using an applicator brush that comes with the bottle. Just paint the adhesive on thinly to your desired areas and wait for the magic to happen.

The hairline can be a tricky part to glue but this adhesive is easy to apply as long as you are careful and patient.

Once applied on the hairline, simply wait three to four minutes and carefully place your lace wig over the hairline using a comb’s tail. 

Taking off the Davlyn Black Adhesive is a breeze. There is no pain whatsoever like some glues but make sure you remove it with the Davlyn adhesive remover. This will remove all remnants of the glue very easily and swiftly.


  • Extra strong hold to keep your lace wig in place at all times
  • Comes with an applicator brush to precisely glue areas of your scalp
  • Easy to remove without any discomfort
  • Very affordable compared to other brands
  • Waterproof so can be used in all weather conditions


  • Glue can become quite tacky and thick very quickly


Lycheenea Blonde Wigs with Wig Glue 26inch Blonde Wig with 1.3oz Wig Glue (suit)

Specially formulated for use as a pressure-sensitive glue for bonding lace wigs to your scalp, this Wig Glue Hair Replacement Adhesive is perfect for oily heads and sensitive skin.

Each product is researched, heavily tested, and manufactured to the highest quality ensuring outstanding safety and performance.

Its special formula is made for oily scalps, heavy perspiration, and humid conditions.

This light-hold hair replacement glue boasts a formula that has a higher melting point than other polyurethane and lace front wig glues allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that your wig will stay securely to your head. 

The bonding is invisible for poly and lace systems. This will help hide your hairline and create a natural look for your wig.

You don’t need to worry about wearing this glue in the rain either. This cosmetic hair system bonding glue is waterproof as well as oil-resistant so your hair will stay in shape and look natural for everyday use.

It is always good to know what ingredients are in a product you apply to your skin. This adhesive is completely safe and free of latex, harsh solvents, and toxic ingredients.

It is specially designed for sensitive skin types for maximum safety and comfort.

It is important to note that, when you remove the hairpiece, you should use a kin-safe adhesive solvent such as rubbing alcohol to reduce any skin irritation.


  • Specially formulated for sensitive skin including oily scalps
  • Invisible bonding for poly and lace systems to hide your hairline for a natural look
  • Waterproof and oil-resistant for you to wear in any weather condition and not worry about the wig slipping off or looking unnatural
  • Contains no latex, harsh solvents, or toxic ingredients


  • Can smell quite a lot if used in large quantities


GHOSTBOND XL Hair Replacement Adhesive 1.3oz- Invisible Wig Bonding Glue: Water & Oil-Resistant, Non-Toxic, Light Hold for Secure and Natural-Looking Poly and Lace Hairpiece, Wigs & Toupee Systems

Our fourth pick of best lace wig glues for oily skin is the Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive.

This is specially formulated to use as a pressure-sensitive glue and to bond lace wigs to your skin and scalp. 

Finding the best hair bonding glue requires a solution that makes you feel confident for any occasion. Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive provides comfort and confidence for any wig wearer.

Its special formula provides outstanding moisture protection with a higher melting point than nearly all hair adhesive products.

You can be safe in the knowledge that this adhesive has one of the strongest hold strengths all the time. Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive creates a solid, invisible bond between your scalp and lace wig so movement is reduced.

This helps hide the hairline and absorbs light for the most natural of appearances. It is safe to use with poly and front lace hairpieces and is perfect for those who perspire heavily or live in climates with high humidity.

You will have peace of mind with this product. Your lace wig will be secure with no movement throughout everyday use.

Even if you’re outside and get caught in a downpour, the Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive will hold strongly so you can go along with your day without any worry.


  • Specially formulated to bond lace wigs to your skin and scalp without irritation
  • An extremely high melting point, perfect for high humid climates
  • One of the strongest hold strengths on the market today
  • Completely waterproof for use in rain or if you perspire heavily
  • Creates a solid, invisible bond between your scalp and lace wig to reduce any movement


  • Glue can become clumped together if in transit for a long time


Isheeny Lace Wigs Adhesive 1.3 Ounce Invisible Safe Nontoxic Hair Glue for for Poly and lace Hairpieces, Lace Wigs, Closure Frontal, Toupee Systems

Sneaking into our top five is Isheeny Lace Wigs Adhesive. This impressive glue is designed for high temperatures and humidity.

If you perspire heavily, this is a great choice. Of course, as it is on our list, Isheeny Lace Wigs Adhesive is one of the most reliable glues for oily skin. Regardless of conditions, this adhesive should offer a reliable bond. 

Isheeny Lace Wigs Adhesive dries very quickly leaving a clear, matte finish. This absorbs any light to keep your hairline concealed from anyone.

As well as lace wigs, this adhesive works well with polyurethane hair units, toupees, and hard bonds.

With a reinvigorated formula, Isheeny Lace Wigs Adhesive will stand up to all oily skin types for up to four or five weeks. 

The special non-toxic polymer glue bonds your front lace wig against your scalp with a number of micro bonding glued sealer particles.

You won’t need to worry about swimming or running your errands in the rain either as Isheeny Lace Wigs Adhesive is entirely water and moisture resistant.


  • Remarkably long-lasting hold on oily skin for up to four or five weeks
  • Safe ingredients including no gluten for a healthy scalp
  • Easy to clean up with no white residue
  • Invisible bond with super holding powers 
  • Humidity resistant as well as water and moisture resistant


  • Requires quite a lot of glue for one application
  • Can still be quite sticky once it has dried

Best Lace Wig Glue For Oily Skin Buying Guide

So there it is! Our top five choices for the best lace wig glue for oily skin. There are a few more important factors to consider, however. 

There is a suitable adhesive for every single person out there. If you have oily skin, our choices should have helped you find the right one for you. Nonetheless, here are a few things you should think about before sticking any old glue on your scalp.

Solvent-based vs. water-based formulas

Wig adhesives come in two different formulas. These are either solvent-based or water-based. Solvent-based adhesives are the most common formula and are the most similar to other glue types.

These contain more vigorous chemicals that help create a stronger bond. Therefore, the stick will be longer lasting than other types of adhesive. This is the best choice for oily skin, humid climates, or if you swim regularly. Unfortunately, solvent-based glues can irritate some sensitive skin due to the more potent chemicals.

Those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis may get an allergic reaction to some of these formulas. The texture can also be rather thick or stringy which isn’t popular with many. Furthermore, you will need a special solvent to remove these glues which can be quite challenging to find and use.

Water-based adhesives are much gentler. These are a perfect option if you suffer from sensitive skin or you’re using these types of products for the first time.

Water-based adhesives are normally easier to apply and removing the glue requires only soap and water. The texture isn’t as thick or stringy as solvent-based glues and drys clear. 

The only negative of water-based solvents is their wear time. They don’t last as long as solvent-based solvents but stay strong when in use.

Liquid or solid

As well as containing various ingredients in lace adhesives, this glue also comes in two different forms: liquid and solid. 

Liquid adhesives are very similar to common glues and can typically offer more options. Liquid formulas come inside bottles or squeeze tubes for easy application.

This typically provides the most durable bond between wigs and scalps. You can apply liquid adhesives straight to your skin and then push your wig into place over the glue to fit it securely. If you want several weeks of wig wear, this is probably the best type of glue to go with.

Solid adhesives are more like double-sided tape. The application is a little different as you apply the tape to your wig and scalp before pressing the two together to create a strong bond.

This can be as strong as liquid or glue adhesive and is generally easier to use than liquids. If you are a newbie at using wig adhesives, this is probably the best option to start with.

The wear time

Some people only need their wig to keep in place for a few hours at a time or a few days. If this is the case, most options of adhesive are acceptable, a sling as you make sure it is compatible with oily skin.

However, some lace adhesives stay in place for up to five days while others can last up to six weeks. For a shorter wig-wearing time, water-based adhesives or wig tapes are the best bet.

If you plan to live in your lace wig for longer periods, consider using a solvent-based wig glue. It is recommended you wear lace wig glue for shorter periods if you suffer from oily or sensitive skin to avoid irritation.

The finish

You want to make sure your lace wig adhesive dries clear. Some areas of your head and scalp may still be visible even after it is in place so having a glue that leaves some white residue will stand out.

As long as you apply the adhesive carefully, it shouldn’t be visible to anyone. If the adhesive has a matte finish, it will be easier to hide, unlike a shiny finish which can attract light making the skin stand out.


If you have an oily scalp or sensitive skin, you must look carefully at lace wig glue’s antimicrobial properties.

The heat between your wig and scalp can become a haven for bacteria to grow, especially if you wear your wig for longer periods.

Antimicrobial wig glues can keep this bacteria away for more comfortable wear, as well as a healthier scalp habitat.


If you like to play sports, work out a lot, or live in a high humid climate, you will certainly need waterproof wig glue.

This will allow your wig to stay on in all sorts of activities like swimming or bathing. Most of these glues are solvent-based as water and moisture can’t wash away the adhesive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wig adhesives safe for the skin?

On the whole, wig adhesives are very safe to use. There is always a risk of irritation if you have allergies or oily skin.

Depending on the glue’s formula, there is a chance of a reaction but always read the ingredients beforehand. 

For less risk of skin reactions, especially on oily skin, water-based lace wig glues are the better option.

Do I need a wig cap?

A wig cap is great at keeping your natural hair smooth and healthy.

It also provides a surface for the interior of the wig so the grip of the wig doesn’t move around too much. This will give you an extra layer of protection and a great option if you have a sensitive scalp.

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