Best Clip in Hair Extensions for African American Hair

If you’re having a major haircut regret cutting your hair too short or you’re just curious about what you’d look like with luscious long locks, but no idea where to start with you looking for some hair extensions then we’ve got all the information to help you out.

Clip-in extensions would be a great option for you if you’re looking to try out different lengths and styles of hair but not wanting to commit to crazy expensive permanent extensions that require professional help to remove. 

Finding great hair extensions for African American hair can make it so much harder so we’ve created this simple guide to show you the best clip in hair extensions for African American hair.

We’ve included 5 reviews of the best options, a buyer’s guide of the important information you need to consider before buying clip in hair extensions for your hair, and some frequently asked questions from people in your position.

No time to read everything?

If you’ve lost all your patience trying to do your own research and just want to find out our number one recommendation then we’ll just cut to the chase. Our top pick for clip in hair extensions for African American hair is the ABH AmazingBeauty Hair Real Remy Thick Yaki Hair Clip In Hair Extensions for African American Relaxed Hair 7 Pieces 120 Gram Per Set, 18 Inch, and here’s a short list of reasons why we love them.

  • High-quality Remy hair
  • Minimal shedding
  • Non-damaging
  • Fast delivery
  • Great length
  • Volumizing as well
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Can be styled, colored and washed


ABH AmazingBeauty Hair Yaki Straight Clip Hair Extensions Human Hair Real Remy Thick Yaki Clip in for African American Relaxed Hair 7 Pieces 120 Gram Per Set, 18 Inch

The AmazingBeauty Hair Extensions are made with the top quality Remy human hair, which is guaranteed to have the cuticle still intact so you can be sporting luscious healthy locks every time you wear them.

They’re great for giving you length and volume at the same time with the length being 18 inches and 120 grams per set, so you can have fuller and longer hair that resembles relaxed black hair at your fingertips. 

The color is natural black and should blend well with customers who have African American hair. However, if the color is slightly different you also have the option to dye it to suit you better.

The set comes with 7 pieces, which are easy to install and remove each time. One set of the 7 pieces is ideal for adding length to your hair, but if you wish to have more volume as well, then two sets of the 7 pieces would be better.

The set we’ve recommended is the 18 inch set with 7 pieces, however, ABH Amazing Hair does offer the Thick Yaki Relaxed hair in lengths 12-20 inches, so if you find yourself loving this set but want to increase the length then you can.

These clip-ins are made from stainless steel (durable) clips which are coated with silicone are very strong and durable and will make sure your extensions stay in even with extender use.

These hair extensions are so good due to being Remy hair, they allow you to wash the hair, style it with heat and also dye it what color you want without damaging them.

The extensions are easy to wash and can be used with your regular hair products, so you won’t have to purchase separate ones.

They should be left to dry naturally in order to maintain the health and fullness of the hair and only brushed when dry.

With proper care and maintenance, these clip extensions can last you 6-12 months, saving you a heck load of money in comparison if you were to get permanent hair extensions.

These clip-in hair extensions are carefully crafted with high-quality materials to ensure there is minimal shedding when being brushed and style and will also minimize tangling.

The AmazingBeauty hair extensions are made to keep your natural hair undamaged and if you take proper care of the extensions, you will not notice an effect on your hair quality.

The brand offers fast delivery as orders are processed straight away as soon as you buy, to make sure your delivery is as quick as possible.

The customer service team is very helpful and will support you in any queries you have.

They like to make sure their customers are 100% happy with their products, so if you have any complaints or issues then they will do everything possible to rectify them. 


  • High-quality Remy hair
  • Minimal shedding
  • Non-damaging
  • Fast delivery
  • Great length
  • Volumizing as well
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Can be styled, colored and washed


  • Color is more brown than black


Sixstarhair Kinky Curly Clip In Hair Extensions Real Human Hair 16inch 3C 4A Hair Extensions 8A Grade 7 Pcs 120g Natural Black Color Hair Extensions For Black Women

Next, we have the Sixstarhair 16inch Kinky curly clip in hair extensions which are made from top quality Remy human hair.

The set includes 7 pieces that weigh 120 grams and come in lengths from 12-22 inches depending on your preference.

We think the 16inch ones are great to have full, chest-length hair without looking over the top.

The color is a perfect match for African American hair and is a mixture of off-black and dark brown. However, as it is real human hair, you will be able to dye it however you prefer. 

They’re easy to install with the clips already being sewn into the hair extensions so you won’t need any tools and will be able to install on your own.

The clips won’t ruin your hair and as long as you remove them carefully, your hair will continue to grow naturally and healthily.

The extensions should last you 6-12 months depending on how well you look after them.

You should always try to brush out any tangles with a specialized brush prior to washing them and don’t brush when wet to avoid breakage.

You'll be able to do what you want when you want with these as you can style with heat, color, and wash these clip-in hair extensions.

The high-quality virgin Remy hair will have minimal tangling and won’t shed.

However, repeated straightening of kinky hair like this could ruin the curl pattern and not return to its original look, so if you're someone who likes to always wear straight hair you’ll want to either get an alternative pair of extensions or just stick to straight.

The style is beautiful and bouncy and can be managed with your own hair by using specialized hair extensions styling mousse and deep conditioner products to keep it looking stunning.

Do not use regular hair mousse or hairspray on curly hair extensions as it will dry the hair out and damage them.

They offer fast shipping so you’ll be able to have your new extensions in no time.

Sixstarhair also offers free styling gifts with your purchases including a cute comb and a variety of clips that you can use to section your hair when installing your clip-in extensions.


  • Free gifts included in delivery
  • High-quality hair
  • Virgin Remy material
  • No shredding
  • Easy to wash, dye and style
  • Beautiful kinks


  • May need more than one set for a complete look


Anrosa Yaki Hair Clip in Yaki Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair Yaki Hair Clip in Extensions for African American Yaki Straight Clip ins Natural Hair Thick Volume Natural Black 1B 14 inch 120 Gram

In our third spot, we have the Anrosa Clip in Hair in Natural black, which is a great color fit for African Americans with naturally dark hair.

The hair is 100% Remy yaki hair and is the perfect option for a great straight and sleek look.

This option is 14 inches and 120 grams and would be great for someone who is looking to add volume to their hair rather than extreme length.

If you want to get both volume and length for your full head then we’d recommend buying two sets to make sure.

The extensions create the illusion of full and thicker hair without being frizzy and prone to tangling.

Anrosa also offers this yaki hair in 10-22 inches, so they’ve got good options whether you’re looking to build volume or just have Rapunzel length hair. 

The stainless steel clips are comfortable and easy to clip in and out whenever you want and are easily blendable into your natural hair, so people may not even be able to tell you’re watching extensions.

The yaki texture means that it is softer and straighter than kinky straight hair, it also means it’ll need less maintenance to keep it straight as well so you won’t have to use as much heat on it.

You’ll be able to use a variety of styling tools, products, and hairstyles with these extensions without them damaging the quality or ruining your hair.

We always recommend you use a heat protectant spray before styling with heat to try and maintain the good condition of the extensions. 


  • Easy to wash 
  • Can be styled with heat and dyed if needed
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Soft and healthy hair
  • Real human hair
  • Variety of lengths
  • Good color match


  • Hair extensions did smell when they arrived but gone once washed.


Lovrio Thick Yaki Straight Clip in Human Hair Extensions Double Weft Straight Clip in Hair Extension Human Hair for Black Women Real 12 Inch Natural Black Yaki Clip ins Hair120G 7 Pieces With 17 Clips

These Lovrio clips in hair extensions are made of real Brazilian unprocessed human hair which is double weft to create a seamless look with your natural hair.

They come with 7 pieces with 17 clips included ensuring security whilst wearing these extensions.

They’re comfortable to wear all day and Lovrio also claims that you can wear them whilst you sleep, however, we would advise against this as the clips can pull at your natural hair and cause breakage.

They come in 12” - 20” lengths, so there is a good choice for everyone whether you’re looking for volume or length.

Lovrio says that one set of their clip-in hair extensions will be able to cover a full head of hair, although if you do want to have a more voluminous look to your hair then they advocate getting 2 sets.

They’re simple to clip-in and remove from your hair and Lovrio also offers guided pictures of how to apply them for the first time.

The Lovrio Real Remy hair is in great health condition and the ends are also thick, so when all your extensions are installed, the thickness should stay the same throughout instead of having thin stringy ends.

The extensions have minimum shedding and tangling if maintained properly and should last you up to 12 months before they need replacing.

They come in a natural black color, which is a great color match for African American hair but as the extensions are unprocessed you can dye them whatever color you like without damaging the quality of them.

Whilst these extensions are yaki straight, you can still use hot styling tools to create whatever looks you prefer.

Lovrio offers fast delivery and is even available for Prime delivery on Amazon, so you can get them the very next day. They’ve also got a good return policy and have a friendly customer service team who will be able to assist you with any questions.


  • Unprocessed virgin hair
  • Great color match
  • Available for Prime delivery
  • Good choice of lengths
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Stay put in your hair when clipped in
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Hair is quite thin so will need more than one pack for volume


Sassina 4B 4C Human Hair Clip in Extensions Afro Coily Style Natural Color 4B 4C Double Weft Clip in Hair for African American Black Women Bantu Knotted or Twisted Out 4AC 18 Inch

If you’re looking to stick to your roots and keep your hair looking as natural as possible then these Sassina 100% unprocessed Remy hair extensions in an afro coily style.

These tight curled clip-in hair extensions will add great volume and energy to those who just want to add a bit of oomph to their natural hair.

They are available in lengths from 12 inches to 20 inches, so whether you want to achieve a shoulder-length afro or create long coily style locks then there is a great variety to choose from.

It’s worth noting that this style of hair will look shorter in length compared to those of the same length in straighter hair.

That’s why it is normally measured in its straightened state. So if you do want very long hair extensions then you should go for the longer length.

You’ll have no issues trying to figure out how to install them as Sassina offers a guide of where you should be installing each piece from the 7-piece set in your hair, so you’ll have a perfect and seamless fit every time.

The clips are very comfortable and are integrated under the hair extensions so you won’t see them.

The clip-in extensions come in their natural color which is ‘natural black’ and will fit seamlessly with most hair natural colors of people with African American hair.

These bouncy curls can be colored and styled with heat, so you can create a variety of looks with just one set of extensions.

Be warned, that overusing a flat iron on these curls could weaken the curl pattern and cause them to lose their shape.

These hair extensions will be able to last you from 3 to 12 months depending on your hair care routine.

You should try to shampoo and condition them once as well, use a heat protector every time before styling and also use a deep conditioner to keep the soft and silky feel of the curls.

Do not ever use a brush on these extensions as it will completely ruin them, only ever use your fingers or a specialized comb to gently brush through the extensions.


  • Clips cannot be seen
  • Guided installation
  • Beautiful natural coils
  • Good color match
  • Unprocessed hair
  • Good choice of lengths


  • Will be harder to style due to the volume and shape of coils
  • Styling and finishing products will dry out and damage coils quicker

Best Clip in Hair Extensions for African American Hair Buying Guide

Real or synthetic hair extensions?

Real hair extensions are the best option as you can adapt them better to your natural hair. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be dyed and hot tools can not be used on them so it will be more difficult to blend with your natural hair. 


You’ll need to consider what length you want your hair extensions to be, if you’ve got very fine short hair then going straight in with super long extensions won’t suit you and won’t seamlessly blend in.

If you have shorter hair and are looking to build volume in your hair and add a bit of length then you’ll want to go for something that is 14 inches or shorter in length.

If you’re new to wearing clips in extensions and aren’t quite sure how long you want to go then, 16-18 inches is always a safe standard option, it will lengthen your hair without it looking too obvious and fake.

If you’re looking to have lovely long, natural-looking hair then 20-22 inches in length is a good option, it will give the appearance of luscious long locks without looking questionable.

Now if you want to have long hair that reaches your tailbone and be the envy of your friends with some mermaid hair, then you’ll want to go for anything that is 22 inches and above.

Remember, if you use your hair extensions and find that they are too long for your liking you can always trim them slightly to how you’d prefer them to be. 

When considering what length you want for your hair extensions, you’ll need to also take into consideration how tall you are and how this will affect the length of them in your hair.

If you are shorter in height, longer extensions will look longer than they actually are and if you are taller in height than long extensions may be shorter than you think. 

You’ll also need to consider how you would like to style your hair when you have extensions in, if you like wearing your hair curly or wavy but still want it to be long, then you might want to think about buying extensions a few inches longer so you can keep the length whilst still having your preferred style, that’s because curling your hair will make it look shorter. 

Weight & Thickness

The heavier the hair extensions, the thicker it is. However, 100g of 22-inch extensions are not as thick as 100g of 16inch extensions.

If you have thin hair, you’ll want to go with lower weight extensions otherwise it may look unnatural, anything around 80g should be adequate enough to add a bit of volume and length.

If you are seeking to have gorgeous volume with your hair extensions then anything between 130-180 grams would be a good option as they'll add significant length and volume.

Style & Texture

Without it sounding too obvious, if you have straight hair then you are best off going for straight hair extensions so they will seamlessly match.

However, if you would like to have straight hair extensions but you currently have curly or kinky hair, you may want to consider a chemical or keratin treatment that smooths the hair making it less frizzy and more manageable, this will allow you your new extensions to all blend together.

If there are still parts of your hair that are wavy after the treatment, you could use a flat iron to go over these parts. 

Curly hair extensions can be harder to match because curl sizes and texture can differ from person to person and they can prove difficult to blend in with your natural hair.

If you’re finding it difficult to find extensions that look like your own hair, then you can always buy straight extensions, straighten your hair, and then use a curling barrel (thinner for tighter curls) to match them up. 


An important part of choosing your hair extensions is getting the color right, this is made a lot easier if your hair is currently its natural color and you have not dyed it. This means it'll be easier to find a match to your exact color.

A lot of brands will offer quality color charts and pictures of the hair in good lighting so you can easily compare between them and your own. The most suitable colors for African American hair will be dark brown or natural black. 

If you choose to get real hair instead of synthetic, then you will have the option to color it to match your own colored hair. This is a great option if you’ve got a very unique color dye on your natural hair already, it will allow you to get the perfect match.

However, dying your hair can really damage the quality of the hair extensions as sometimes they have already been previously dyed.

Best Clip in Hair Extensions for African American Hair - FAQ's

Can your hair grow whilst wearing extensions?

Yes, if you’ve had your hair cut too short but don’t want to wait for it to grow out, you can wear extensions in the meanwhile and it will still continue to grow.

As you can install and remove clips in extensions within minutes, it won’t have an impact on your hair growth at all unless you decide to yank them out to remove them.

However, if you have tape or glued extensions and they are not installed or removed properly, it can damage the health of your hair roots and cause your hair to weaken and then split, which will require them to be cut to be healthier.

How can you tell the quality of human hair?

There is no definite set way to determine the quality of human hair by eye. If human hair extensions have been colored then they will not be in as great condition compared to undyed hair. If the human hair is matted, then that is a key signified that it is not in good condition either. 

Which type of hair is better Brazilian or Malaysian?

Brazilian hair is naturally more coarse and thick, which makes it a better option for humid climates and does well when styled with heat, they’re most popularly used for lace wigs or sew-in extensions. Malaysian hair is straight and silky and is most commonly used by African American women. 

How do you put clips in hair extensions in braids?

You should keep the thickness of the hair extensions at the crown of your head, that way it’ll avoid braids being stringy at the ends.

So instead of applying the hair extensions as you normally would to wear your hair down, place most of the extensions at the back of your head and then section your hair and continue to braid as you wish.

A single Fishtail braid and a single braid is one of the better options as you won’t be able to see the clips like you would with pigtail braids.

Are clip-in extensions a protective style?

Yes, clip-in extensions are a great alternative to traditional extensions as they are low maintenance and do not damage your hair as much as long as you look after them.

Clip-in hair extensions will still require you to main and care for them as you would normal extensions if you are to wear them every day. 

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