What is Weft Hair?

If you have ever looked into getting hair extensions, then you may have come across the term weft hair extensions or noticed hair wefts for sale.

There are so many different types of hair extensions on offer on the market, that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between various types of hair, installment methods and differences in quality.

What is weft hair?

What is weft hair?

Weft hair is a collection of lots of strands of hair sewn together into a thin strip of fabric, ready to be applied to the natural hair.

A hair weft is a strip of hair strands that can be weaved onto the head, sewn into the hair, or have a multitude of different clips, bonds, rings or adhesives connected to it, for it to be worn as an extension. 

In basic terms, it is simply the strip of hair extension ready to be applied to the head. A hair weft is the bare bones of the hair extension, without the clip ins, rings or strips yet applied.

These are most often purchased by trained hair stylists, as they can use a variety of different methods to fit the hair, depending on the client and their particular hair type!

For example, when you purchase the hair weft, the pieces or bundles of hair will not come with clips, tapes or rings installed. 

The choice is then up to you in how you wish to install them!

How do you install weft hair?

The beauty of weft hair is that there are many different ways to install the hair into the client’s natural hair.

Weft hair can be fitted through clip ins, tape ins, bonded hair extensions and microbead or nanos extensions. 

Clip ins

One of the easiest ways to fit weft hair is to sew clip ins to the weft. These types of hair extensions can be worn whenever you please, as you can simply clip them into your own hair and remove them when you are done. 

You will need to purchase clips for the extensions, and use a needle and thread to attach them to the weft. For example, you can purchase the clips online in a variety of colors to blend in with the hair weft. 

All you have to do is sew the clips to the hair weft, along the line of the thin cloth strip where all of the hair in the weft is attached. Once you have sewn all of the clips into the hair, you can cut them to fit your head, and wear them as you please!

Tape ins

You can also use tape to fit your hair extensions, using single or double sided hair extensions tape and the hair weft!

These can also be purchase online for great value, with the choice of either single sided tape or double sided tape which are both super easy to apply!

Tape in hair extensions tend to last a little longer, and blend in seamlessly with your natural hair. 

Bonded hair

Hair wefts can also be applied to the hair by bonding the extensions to the natural hair at the root.

This is done with a heat tool that works to fuse the natural strands of hair together with the hair weft. 

This type of installation will most likely last the longest, and will stay in for much longer periods of time, because the extensions are attached to your actual hair!

However, this method is best left to the professionals for the greatest results. 

Microlink extensions

Hair wefts may also be installed with micro links by a stylist. These links work to attach the weft with the natural hair, and are installed with a bead that is clamped over both types of hair.

This is done with pliers as the extension is locked into place, connected to the client’s real hair for a natural look. 

How long do hair wefts last?

How long the hair weft lasts will depend on the method of installation, and how much they are used, styled, and washed. If wearing occasionally, with clip ins, then the hair weft will last much longer because it is not being styled with heat tools or washed as much.

Clip ins do not go through as much wear and tear, but will also need to be cared for delicately! Clip in hair extensions typically last for up to one year with frequent use, but you should always remember to take them out to go to sleep. 

If you have a hair weft that is taped in, then the weft will most likely last around 6-8 weeks, depending on how much use you get out of them. 

On the other hand, bonded hair wefts will last much longer, as they are attached properly to the hair, and can last around 6-7 months with regular maintenance. Similarly, micro link hair wefts will last around 4-5 months when cared for properly.

Are wefts bad for your hair?

The level of damage to your hair depends on how you look after it, and how the weft is installed. If you are wearing clip ins, you should never sleep in them as you may lean on the hair and tug at the roots, which can cause some damage to your natural hair. 

All levels of hair weft installation can be damaging to your natural hair follicles when they are not kept on top of, or if you do not have regular maintenance or check in with your stylist.

If you look after your extensions, and ensure loose bonds or beads are fixed, then there is no reason why the weft should damage your natural hair! 

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