How To Make A Synthetic Wig Less Shiny

Synthetic wigs are the most popular option for those that want a wig to dress-up, cosplay a character, or experiment with a different look without committing to a permanent new hairstyle.

This is because synthetic wigs are super easy to care for, super easy to use, and are far more accessible in price than other wigs such as those made from human hair.

The problem with synthetic wigs is that they don’t always look super realistic. 

How to make a synthetic wig less shiny

It’s quite a common problem that you find a nice cheap wig online, which is a total bargain, but then the quality leaves quite a lot to be desired.

However, you can very easily turn around the quality of a synthetic wig, by fixing whatever problems it has. 

The most common problem that a synthetic wig can present, which might make it look less realistic, is that it is too shiny.

Yup, that’s right, wigs that are too shiny give them away as fake, so they no longer look real and natural. (Meaning everyone will know you’re wearing a wig, yikes.)

This is because the synthetic fibers can catch and reflect the light, in a way that makes it look like obvious plastic.

Thankfully, there are a few different tricks and methods for dulling your synthetic wig down, taking away the excess shine so that it looks natural and real, and of far higher quality. 

Keep reading to learn about some of these tricks and methods! 

Ways in which to make a synthetic wig less shiny

If your synthetic wig is too shiny to convincingly look natural and real, there’s no need to despair.

There are quite a few tricks and methods that you can use to dull it down, making it look of a higher quality and far more realistic.

These methods are all super accessible and can be done at home with common materials, so they shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

You can try out whichever one sounds best to you, and if it doesn’t work, you can try the rest out before giving up. 

Here they are, summarized: 

  • Wash the wig

Brand new synthetic wigs tend to be very shiny because they have just been manufactured, and they haven’t been worn in.

The best first method to try out is to simply wash them a few times. This might help remove some of the newness and the shine, making them look more natural. 

However, it is very important that you wash them in a suitable way, appropriate to wig care.

You should use a shampoo that has been specifically formulated for use on wigs, there are plenty available in the market.

 You should wash the wig with care, then let it dry, and check to see how shiny it is. You can wash it a few couple times before resorting to a different method. 

  • Add powder to the wig

This is one of the most recommended methods, and it’s one of the easiest. It’s perfect for when you’re on the go or in a hurry, and you need to get rid of the shine of the wig as fast as possible.

It works by applying some baby powder, talc powder, or some dry shampoo, to the wig.

To avoid getting the powder everywhere, a good trick is to put it onto a makeup brush and then apply it to the wig more precisely. 

However, be careful not to apply too much, or it might over-dull the wig. 

This is a great and effective method, quite similar to when you add powder or dry shampoo to greasy hair. 

  • Use fabric softener on your wig

This one might sound a little weird, but it can really work to make your synthetic wig look more natural.

In fact, fabric softener is also used to revitalize synthetic wigs when they start looking too worn.

You simply create a mixture of water and fabric softener, and you spray it onto the wig. Then you brush it into all of the synthetic fiber strands of hair, and the shine will be lessened! 

  • Use vinegar on your wig

Is it even a list of DIY methods if it doesn’t include vinegar? Vinegar is just one of those products that can be used for basically anything.

However, this method is somewhat riskier, as it could potentially damage your wig, so you should use it as more of a last resort. 

It consists of creating a solution of water and apple cider vinegar, that is then sprayed onto the synthetic wig and combed through the strands.

The abrasive nature of the vinegar will help wear down the outside of the fiber strands, getting rid of the shine and leaving the wig with a more natural and realistic look. 

  • Style your wig to hide the shine

Styling your wig to hide the shine might sound like an overly obvious solution, but it is also overlooked, and it can make a huge difference.

If you’re wearing your wig straight and sleek, it’s going to catch a lot more light and it will therefore look even shinier.

Meanwhile, if you style your wig with some curls or a slightly messier style, the light will catch on it less and the wig won’t look as shiny!

It’s all about the angles and knowing how to style the hair! 

  • Give it time 

If you don’t want to risk any of the methods or the shine doesn’t bother you too much, you can simply give it time.

The more you wear your wig, and the more times you wash it, the less shiny it will become, as it will slowly wear down and lose its shine so that it eventually looks a lot more natural and realistic. 


Synthetic wigs are the most accessible and common option for wig-wearers, but one of the main problems they can present is that they can look too shiny when new, making them unrealistic in appearance.

There are a few DIY easy methods you can try to get rid of the shine, dulling the wig down a bit so that it looks more natural. 

Some methods are more effective than others, while some methods might pose somewhat of a risk. But if all of them fail, you can simply give your synthetic time.

The more you wear and wash your wig, the more worn it will become and the less shiny it will become. Until eventually, it looks nice and realistic. 

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