How to Bleach Wig Knots

Wig knots are a standard element of lace wigs. They are created during a process called ventilation, where the hair is tied to the lace on the wig to secure it.

You can get both single and double knots. 

How to Bleach Wig Knots

Single knots

This is when the knots are made with only one hair strand. They are smaller than double knots and tend to be located near the front of lace wigs, where your hairline sits.

These are much more natural in appearance and tend to be more simple to bleach. You can   

They are much more secure due to the additional strands used. They are often incorporated into wigs to boost the hair density.

Why would you want to bleach the wig knots?

This is particularly important if you are wearing a wig that is dark or bright in color. The wig knots will be very visible by your hairline and will make the appearance of your wig much less natural.

Some people do not mind the aesthetic of the wig knots as they cannot be seen from a distance. By not bleaching the wig knots, you can slightly reduce the number of hairs that the wig sheds and potentially slightly prolong the lifespan of your wig.

Bleaching your wig knots will make the hair appear as if it is growing directly from your scalp. 

What do you need to know before bleaching your wig knots?

Bleaching is a chemical process that involves opening the hair cuticle and entering the cortex of the hair. This then allows the bleach to strip the color from the strands of hair and is a permanent change. 

Due to this, bleaching can only be performed on human hair with an intact cuticle. If the hair is a very dark or jet black, you will not be able to bleach the knots. 

You will need special tools to bleach wig knots and will need to complete the process very carefully to avoid damaging the wig.

The higher the rating on the developer is, the lighter the hair will become. We recommend starting with a 20 vol developer. You can always bleach a second time if you do not get the desired color, but if you chemically melt the hair there is no coming back.

How to bleach knots

What do you need?

You will need a mixing bowl, aluminum foil, gloves, and an applicator brush.

You will also need some hair bleach powder, some developer, a neutralizing shampoo, and a conditioner.

How do you do it?

If you have a mannequin to store your wig on, we suggest inverting the wig and placing atop the head. Spray the lace with some leave-in conditioner and move all the stray hairs out of the way. 

Mix equal parts bleach and developer in the mixing bowl. Take care to make sure there are no lumps in the bleach, as this can hinder its effectiveness. 

Apply the mixture to the wig knots using the applicator brush. Be very gentle as you do not want the bleach to leak into the roots of your wig and bleach them too. 

Cover all of the wig knots with a generous layer of bleach, taking care to cover all strands of hair. Cover the wig with some aluminum foil to keep the heat in and help the bleach to process. 

Leave the bleach to sit on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes. This could vary depending on the original color of the hair, and we recommend checking it after 10 or so minutes if the color is lighter. 

Once the time has elapsed, check the quality of the bleaching process on the knots. Once they have become a light blonde, you can be sure of rinsing out the bleach. Do this quickly to prevent the bleach from spreading across the wig.

Wash the wig with the neutralizing shampoo. Leave it to sit on the hair for around 10 minutes. If you notice the bleached strands appear brassy, use purple shampoo on them. Ideally, this will be one designed for blonde hair with a purple toner inside. 

Condition the hair to ensure the texture is soft. Gently squeeze the wig with a towel to remove some of the water, and then allow it to air dry. 

What if you bleach the knots too much?

If your bleach has traveled to the roots of your wig and you don’t notice until it has been [put on your head, we have a quick fix for you.

Find a mascara that roughly matches the color of the hair on the wig. Gently brush the mascara wand across the roots where the bleach has seeped. Allow to air dry and you are good to go. 

For a more long-term solution, you can dye the bleached section of hair on the wig. Find a dye that is color-matched to the wig and mix it up according to the packet instructions. Using a small mascara spoolie, coat the bleached strands of hair with hair dye. 

Take great care not to get dye on the knots that you have bleached. Allow the dye to sit on the strands of hair for around 25 minutes. 

Rinse the dye out of the hair until the water runs clear. After this, wash the wig hair out with shampoo. Apply conditioner to the strands and leave it to sit on the surface for 5 minutes to rehydrate the hair. 

Gently press out excess water with a towel and then leave to air dry. 

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