Can You Bleach a Synthetic Wig?

Although you can technically throw some hydrogen peroxide on any sort of hair you like, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to result in success. No, you really shouldn’t attempt to bleach synthetic hair, whether it’s a wig or extensions.

This is because it’s a waste of time and money. Many people it is due to the fact that bleach damages synthetic hair, but this isn’t the case.

Bleach doesn’t stick to synthetic hair, and the general rule of thumb is that you can always dye synthetic hair darker, but not lighter. Because of this, you should consider buying light-colored synthetic hair if you’re planning to dye them darker. 

Can You Bleach a Synthetic Wig

Is there any way to lighten a synthetic wig?

Synthetic wigs are a much more affordable alternative to human hair wigs and buying a 100% human hair wig is simply an unrealistic prospect for many people.

Unfortunately, because of their affordability, they don't last as long as human hair wigs and are also more limiting as far as shape and style options.

They also require extra care and maintenance to keep them looking clean, free from pesky tangles and smelling fresh. However, with proper maintenance and use, synthetic wigs are a very practical and affordable option.

They’re great for one-off fancy dress occasions, professional use in industries such as drag and modeling, or everyday wear. However, whatever you plan on using your synthetic wigs for, they cannot be lightened. 

When you cover synthetic hair in bleach, you may as well just coat it in water. Bleach will react exactly the same way, it will do absolutely nothing.

Not a single thing will happen. The color of synthetic wigs is essentially baked in. It's plastic. The only thing you can do as far as lightening a wig is buying a new one.

Are synthetic wigs worth it?

As they’re made from super cheap plastic materials, synthetic wigs won’t set you back much financially.

However, even if you’re only spending a few dollars on your wig, you’ll want to make sure that it’s worth it.

If you already own a synthetic wig and you’re disappointed to discover that you cannot bleach it, here are a few advantages to owning synthetic hair:

  • They require very little care. Because synthetic wigs have style retention, they’ll never require re-styling. You just need to wash, dry and then hang them, and the wig will return to their original style.
  • They make it easy for you to protect your hairstyle- Synthetic wigs keep their style regardless of the weather.
  • They’re super versatile and you can try different colors and styles without going to a hairstylist by buying multiple synthetic wigs.
  • There are countless colors to choose from. There are a range of natural colors available if you’re going for a realistic look as well as vibrant and colorful wigs for those who want to express themselves or use them for fancy dress. 
  • Synthetic wigs are far more affordable than 100% human hair wigs
  • Synthetic hair requires no in-depth care. This makes them beneficial for those with busy lifestyles and little time to spend on their hair each morning. Simply pop on your synthetic wig and go.
  • If you invest in a high-quality synthetic wig, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between it and a natural wig. This is because some synthetic wigs are highly realistic and if looked after properly, they can last for long periods of time.

What are the disadvantages of wearing synthetic wigs?

  • Some types of synthetic silk wigs with low prices will look unnatural. Some are so glossy that they are obviously made from plastic. It’s easy for a cheap synthetic wig to look like a costume wig, try to avoid this by opting for more natural colors. Unless you’re looking to achieve a costume look, of course.
  • Synthetic fiber wigs have a much shorter life expectancy than human hair wigs. If you plan on using your synthetic wig daily, it’s unlikely to last longer than 4 months. This amount of time can be extended by wearing it only occasionally and following the correct maintenance steps.
  • Human hair wigs are far more flexible and versatile than synthetic hair wigs. Synthetic hair cannot be straightened or curled with hot styling tools unless it is a specially designed “heat-resistant” wig.
  • If you have a wig made from synthetic hair, you cannot change the color. Do not attempt to recolor the wig because the color will not stick to the hair. Some synthetic wigs can be dyed darker in certain instances, but this isn’t always recommended. This is why bleaching your synthetic wig isn’t a possibility.

How can I change the color of my synthetic wig without dye?

Wigs are a great way to change up your look or try a different hairstyle without actually altering your own hair. Wigs can be made from either human hair or synthetic material.

If the wig is synthetic, the hair is made from fine plastic and cannot accept permanent color, such as hair dye.

If you have a synthetic wig and want to change the color of the hair, you will need to create your own color solution using permanent markers and rubbing alcohol. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Purchase permanent markers in your desired shade.
  2. Cut the top off the marker so that you expose the stick of ink inside.
  3. Remove the stick of ink and cut the plastic covering using s sharp knife.
  4. Place the ink stick in the spray bottle and fill the bottle with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to leave around 3 inches of space at the top of the bottle.
  5. Replace the top of the spray bottle and shake vigorously.
  6. Repeat these steps with additional markers and add the ink sticks to the spray bottle until you are happy with the shade. Adding additional ink sticks will make the color darker. If you want a lighter shade, add more rubbing alcohol.
  7. Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands.
  8. Spray the wig with the color mixture until it is fully saturated. Allow the wig to dry completely. If you are happy with the color, wash the wig in cold water to set the shade. If it’s not dark enough for your liking, add some more color mixture.

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