Best Wigs For Caucasian Hair

Wigs have been part of the human aesthetic for decades. The first written evidence of wigs is in around 1675 AD in English literature where it was described as a periwig. This is believed to be the word from which the term wig derives. 

There are many reasons why you may choose to wear a wig, but it can be overwhelming beginning to look for one. There are lots of different factors to consider before purchase, so we have created a handy buyers guide for you.

This will ensure you are fully aware of all the specifications to look for and that you will purchase a wig that suits and fits you well. 

Best wigs for caucasian hair

We have rounded up the top options of wigs for caucasian women on the market and reviewed them for you.

We have also included some handy care tips at the end of the article to help you maintain your wig properly and prolong its lifespan.

In a hurry?

Our top pick is the SHUQISH 613 blonde wig from It is designed to fit your head well and give a natural appearance.

The T-parting adds to this natural feel, and it comes in a variety of lengths from 16 to 28 inches.


SHUQISH Blonde Lace Front Wigs Human Hair 13x4x1 Body Wave 613 Lace Front Wig Human Hair 613 Frontal Wig Human Hair 150% Density Pre Plucked with Baby 18 inch

Our top pick is this 100% virgin Remy human hair wig. It is expensive at $84.90, but for the price you get an incredible wig.

The style is a Braziliawn body deep wave with a deep middle T-parting. 

The wig is 18 inches in length and a blonde color. The wig cap is 22.5 inches in circumference and has adjustable straps to customize the fit.

The wig cap has a hand tied lace front for a natural look. The back of the wig cap is a machine made elastic net. 


  • Real human hair
  • Adjustable medium sized wig cap
  • Hand tied lace front
  • Uses Remy virgin hair


K'ryssma Ombre Gray 2 Tones Synthetic Lace Front Wig Dark Roots Long Natural Straight Silver Grey Replacement Hair Wigs For Women Heat Resistant Fiber Hair Half Hand Tied 22 Inches

Our next pick is the K’ryssma 22 inch long straight wig. It comes in a 2 tone grey ombre color, with dark roots to create a natural look.

The wig is made of heat resistant synthetic fibers and will set you back $47.77.

The wig cap has a half hand tied lace front and mesh back. There are 3 combs to secure it to your head. The wig cap is 22.5 inches in circumference and has adjustable straps. 


  • 22” wig
  • Ombre effect with dark roots for natural look
  • 3 combs to secure wig
  • Half hand tied lace front


  • Synthetic 


WIGNEE 100% Virgin Human Hair Natural Wave Wigs with Bangs Brazilian Human Hair Wave Wigs For Black Women Natural Black Color (14 Inch)

This wig will set you back $46.99. It is 100% Remy Brazilian human hair but is only 14 inches long. This wig is black and in a natural wave style with bangs cut in. 

The wig cap is adjustable between the circumferences of 20 and 22 inches, meaning it will fit almost anyone.

The cap is non-lace, but is a breathable mesh to ensure maximum comfort. 


  • Remy human hair
  • Short style for ease of use
  • Under $50


  • Non lace wig


VCKOVCKO Ombre Color Natural Wavy Bob Wig With Air Bangs Short Bob Wigs Women's Shoulder Length Wigs Curly Wavy Synthetic for Girls Colorful Wigs(12',Black to Pink Purple)

These wigs are made from a fiber called Kanekalon, a high temperature resistant synthetic fiber. They come in a huge variety of colors, from pnk, purple, and green, to ombres with multiple colors.

They are short bob styles, 12 inches in length. The style is naturally wavy and has air bangs styled in. The wig will set you back $21.99.

It does not specify the size of the wig cap but it is claimed to be adjustable for all sizes. The cap is not a lace front, but is made of a breathable mesh and features double machine wefting. 


  • Comes in many different colors
  • Cheap to purchase 
  • Breathable mesh wig cap


  • Synthetic fibers
  • No wig cap size specified


HANNE Ombre Blonde Wigs Dark Root Blond Wig Long Curly Wavy Synthetic Hair Heat Resistant Wig Ombre Wigs for Black Women (4/Blonde)

This wig will set you back just $16.99 for a 26 inch long wig. The style is a wavy blonde ombre, perfect for the natural look.

The wig is made from heat resistant Japanese synthetic fibers.

The wig cap is medium sized and comes with adjustable straps. The cap has a hand tied front and a skin top, but no lace.


  • Long ombre wig
  • Under $20
  • Hand tied front


  • Synthetic fibers 

Best Wigs For Caucasian Hair Buying Guide


If you are buying a wig to hide the impacts of aging or medical treatments such as chemotherapy, you may wish to opt for a more natural hairstyle. Of course, you can style wigs at home by yourself, but for beginners in particular, buying a pre-styled wig will make your life a lot easier.

Choose something close to your natural style if you wish for it to blend in. There are hundreds of wigs available in all styles imaginable, so just keep looking!

If you do not require a wig to conceal a medical condition, many people will buy wigs as a way to switch up their style without the commitment of actually modifying their hair.

People can choose the most daring style you have ever seen and try it out, returning to their natural self the next day.

A wig allows you to play around with the concept and styling of your hair, allowing you to become different alter egos for a brief period of time.

The most important thing about purchasing a wig is to ensure you feel confident and comfortable in it. No matter what other people think, if you feel good other people can see it too.


This ties into the hairstyle aspect a little. Wigs come in 3 main categories of length - short, medium, and long. Shorter wigs are better suited to warm and humid areas as they allow more heat to escape from your skin. They also tend to be cheaper, easier to care for, and faster to style and dry. 

Wigs can come in a range of lengths anywhere from around 8 to 30 inches. Commonly, wigs fall between 10 and 15 inches which is in the short to medium range. Depending on how you style the hair, it can appear shorter.

The length of curly and wavy wigs is measured when the hair is stretched out straight. This means that they commonly appear 1-2 inches shorter when on, depending on the curl pattern. 


Modern wigs come in a huge variety of colors. These range from more natural browns and blondes to neon pink! There is truly a wig in every color you can think of, providing you with the perfect opportunity to experiment with your aesthetic. 

If you prefer a more natural look, there are hundreds of natural seeming hair colors. These will mean no one ever suspects you are wearing a wig - if this is something that you are self conscious about. 

It can be hard to exactly match your wig color to your natural hair, but this is a skill that you will pick up over time. It is far more important to keep your skin tone in mind when choosing a wig.

Find a color that complements your complexion, as this will make all the difference in how natural your wig appears. 

Every wig manufacturer has different color schemes and names for hues. It can take time to find the exact shade you want, but we would always recommend noting down the color’s name for any wigs you fall in love with. This will likely make it easier to purchase a replacement in the future. 

It is important to not dictate your wig choice by color. Choose a style first and then select from the color range available in that style.

Some manufacturers will custom color match your wigs during the manufacturing process. This involves cutting a small lock of hair off and sending it to them. Good quality manufacturers will also work with you to find the most complementary color for your wig. 

Wig cap size

You will need to know your wig cap size prior to purchasing any wig. This is the area that sits on top of your head or natural hair. This means that it is important to choose a wig of an appropriate size so that it will still appear natural. 

To measure your wig cap size, you will need a soft tape measure. You will need to measure the circumference of your head around the nape of your neck. As a general rule, they follow the measurements below.

  • Child / petite petite - 19” 
  • Petite - 21”
  • Petite / average - 21.5”
  • Average - 22”
  • Large - 23”

Most wigs will come with a velcro wig strap which allows you to customize the fit even further. These commonly adapt the wig sizing by around ½ inch in either direction.

  • Wig cap type
  • 100% hand tied

This is also referred to as hand-knotted. It has the most natural movement of any wig cap as the hairs are tied individually onto the cap. This means that the hairs can be moved in all directions. 

It is very soft, making it super comfortable for people suffering from hair loss and scalp sensitivity. 

Lace front

This is used to create the impression of a natural hairline on the wig wearer. The hairs are tied one by one onto the sheer lace section, allowing versatility with styling. 

These wigs are often ready to wear, but must be handled delicately to prevent damage. 


This is a sheer-based cap with each hair tied separately onto the base. It looks like natural hair growth from the scalp due to the design. 

These caps come in varying sizes - at the crown, along a parting, or for the full top. You can also get double monofilament wig caps which have an additional layer of material to increase the comfort. 


These wig caps are pre-teased near the roots to create the illusion of natural volume and lift.

They are very durable and relatively inexpensive. The wig cap has many open wefts which allow a lot of ventilation. 

Real or synthetic

Real human hair has an incredibly naturalistic feel and aesthetic. It needs more work to be put into the care and maintenance, and will often initially set you back more. They are very durable and will need to be replaced much less frequently than synthetic wigs. 

Human hair wigs tend to come from one of 4 major ethnicities - Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and European. Generally speaking, Indonesian hair is the most commonly used as it is the cheapest.

Chinese hair tends to be used as it has a thick and straight texture. Indian hair is similar to European hair with a thinner denier but more texture. European hair tends to be the finest, and is the most sought after and expensive.

Synthetic hair is made of long plastic polymer fibers that have been  pulled and styled to imitate human hair. Unless you purchase a specific heat-resistant wig, you cannot apply heat to synthetic hair. They are much easier to style and wear, often being able to wear them straight from the box.

Your face shape


Oval faces tend to be longer than they are wide, with a rounded jawline and a slightly wider forehead. Oval face shapes are very versatile and look good in most hairstyles.

Good styles for people with oval faces are shoulder-length flips (think early Posh Spice), long and wavy, or A-line bobs. 


Round faces tend to be about the same width and length. Round faces often feature chubby cheeks and a round, filled-out jawline. 

Long, layered hairstyles tend to suit this face shape. Other good styles are a lob (long bob) with a side parting, or a wavy low ponytail pulled to one side.

Try to avoid anything that pulls on the face, such as a harsh bob with bangs or a very flat pixie style. Styles that add a lot of extra volume to the face area, such as shorter curls, are also better avoided. 


Square face shapes have the same basic proportions as round, but with more defined edges. They tend to feature a strong jaw and a square-shaped chin. The forehead and jawline appear equal in length. 

Good hairstyles for square faces are those that soften the angularity. These include long, layered styles with side bangs to soften the forehead.

Long waves and an A-line chin-length bob. Try to avoid styles that accentuate the angularity of your face. These include a pixie cut with harsh bangs, a sleek and pulled-back ponytail, or a blunt bob cut that finishes at your jaw. 


As expected, a long face is much longer than it is wide. The face tends to be narrow and fairly featureless. 

Good styles add volume to the facial area - long curls and arched bangs, bouncy curls and blunt bangs, or a flip out hairstyle. You should avoid styles that cling to and pull on the face. These include long straight hair, a poofy top knot bun, or a beehive style. 


People with heart faces have a wide forehead and cheekbones paired with a narrow jaw and pointed chin. 

Good styles include curls with side bangs, medium length with flicks away from the face, and a curly side ponytail. Avoid anything that adds width to the top and middle of your face, such as a voluminous pixie cut or a very short puffy bob. 

Your activity level

If you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle i.e. working in an office, you can feel comfortable opting for a synthetic wig. These are not as durable but if your lifestyle is not too demanding they will be more than suitable.

If you exercise a lot and are very active, we would advise opting for a human hair wig. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take care of a wig?

It is important to research carefully how to care for your wig in order to prolong its lifespan. Natural human hair and synthetic wigs need vastly different maintenance, and it is very important to follow the correct processes. 

You will need to purchase specifically designed shampoos and conditioners to clean your wig. We suggest following the wig washing instructions specified in this post

You should not brush your wig using a paddle brush. Instead use a specially designed wig brush, comb, or a wide toothed comb.

Store your wig carefully in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. We recommend storing it on a wig stand or styrofoam head when not in use to ensure the wig cap retains its shape. 

We suggest avoiding the use of hairspray, chemicals, and heat from flat irons or hair dryers on your wig. This is particularly important if you are using a synthetic wig. 

Do not sleep or shower with your wig on. This can cause considerable damage to your wig which may be irreparable. 

If you wish to alter the style of your wig, you can take it to a qualified hair stylist. This will ensure the cut is perfect and removes the stress of trying to do it yourself. 

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