Best Types of Men’s Hairpieces

Men’s hairpieces don’t often get the reaction that they should get. Hairpieces or wigs for men work in the same way they do for women: they create a new hairstyle or hair replacement in a non-medical way.

This could be due to hair loss, illness and treatment affects, or low self-esteem. Whatever the reason, a man wearing a hairpiece is no different to a woman wearing a wig.

In fact, a lot of male celebrities wear hairpieces and wigs if they don’t choose hair replacement. Hair replacement surgeries are effective, but are expensive and take time, whereas hairpieces and wigs work to solve hair loss cost efficiently and quickly.

Hair loss can range from receding hairlines to bald patches, and both can be covered by hairpieces.

Of course, hair loss is completely natural and common in men and should be celebrated, but this can cause low self-esteem and confidence issues. We have found the 5 best types of men’s hairpieces, along with a compiled handy buyers’ guide and FAQ section. 

In a rush?

Our top pick is the Rossy&Nancy Human Hair Toupée, a virgin hair lace front toupée that can reach up to 6 inches in length.

It can be trimmed to size, and has an 8x10 inch cap size. This toupée is designed to look as natural as it feels, with a soft finish and slight wave.

It also comes in 15 different shades ranging from blonde to black. As it is made of human hair, it can be dyed darker colors. 


Rossy&Nancy Human Hair Toupee for Men Fine Mono Top with PU Skin Around and Lace Front 8x10inch Mens Hair Piece Replacement System Natural Wave Natural Black (Base Size:10'x8', Natural Black Color)

This Rossy&Nancy toupée is ideal for someone wanting to enhance or change their hair look effortlessly. Made of 100% virgin human hair, this is a high quality toupée that can be styled in any way. 

The length of the hair itself is between 2.5 and 6 inches depending on how the user intends to style and wear it. This means it is highly versatile for those with shorter hairstyles as well as slightly longer ones.

The lace front is Swiss mono and dense enough to hold the toupée in place without it looking too obvious and chunky - this is to achieve a totally natural look.

Rossy&Nancy also accepts customizable requests, from colors to lace construction. This is useful for those who may struggle with the cap size, although 8x10 inches is said to fit the majority of users.

Human hair can be dyed, but it is recommended to only dye darker and to avoid bleach, so it’s worth buying a shade lighter to correct the color. 


  • Popular and trusted brand
  • Made of 100% virgin human hair
  • Easy to style and cut 
  • Natural and virtually invisible lace front


  • Not an Afro-textured hair substitute


Voloria 12' Long Hair Men's Toupee 100% Virgin Human Hair Replacement System for Men 10'x8' Base Size Natural Black Color

This Rossy&Nancy product is the best toupée for men wanting longer hair.

Made from 100% virgin human hair, this toupée is 12 inches long and can be cut and styled to size and preference.

This length is ideal as it covers the whole head and part of the neck, so it can be used in its entirety or cut to cover bald patches alone. 

The texture itself is naturally smooth and straight, but as it is made of human hair, it can withstand heating appliances such as curling irons to create more volume.

The default cap size is 8x10 inches, which is said to fit the majority of men, but this can be customized to fit. This toupée comes in a secure packaging that prevents knotting and tangling.

As the hair is long, this toupée must be well-maintained and brushed regularly to stop tangling. The shades come in 3 colors and can be dyed. Rossy&Nancy also offer customizable fits and colors. 


  • Popular and trusted brand
  • Made of 100% virgin human hair 
  • 12 inches in length and can be cut and styled to preference


  • Limited shade range
  • Not suitable for Afro-textured hair


No products found.

The final Rossy&Nancy product on our list is this natural Afro toupée, ideal for men with Afro-textured hair. This hairpiece is made of 100% virgin human hair and is styled to be tangle free.

The texture itself is designed to act as the perfect substitute for Afro-textured hair, as the curls are tight and lightweight.

It is worth mentioning that this is only a toupée and not a complete wig, so it is only suitable for those experiencing hair loss at the top of their heads.

Regardless, the length of this can still be cut and styled to size. The default cap size is 9x7 inches, and can be customized to size if contacted with the seller. The hair color is black and therefore cannot be dyed. 


  • Perfect for Afro-textured hair 
  • Made of 100% virgin human hair
  • Can be styled and cut


  • Only covers the top portion of the head 
  • Limited color range and cannot be dyed effectively as it is black


N.L.W. Grey Hair Wig, 100% European Human Hair, PU Skin Base, 18x12 cm, Men's Modern Style

This N.L.W toupée is ideal for men who are naturally developing grey hair, or who want to try the grey hair aesthetic.

This toupée is made of 100% virgin human hair and features a PU skin base, making it look incredibly natural.

A PU base also means the hair is less likely to fall out than with a lace base, but it does have the potential to create a shine.

The grey color itself can either come in a darker or lighter shade, and comes with highlights to create warmth and realism.

This is also incredibly fashionable. This makes it an ideal toupée for older men who are beginning to experience hair loss and want to improve their appearance and self-confidence. The toupée default style is straight and can be styled with heating appliances.

The base size comes in a default 8x10 inches but can be customized to fit. Although the color is grey, it is made of human hair so it can also be dyed to a different shade. 


  • Made of 100% virgin human hair 
  • Ideal for older men or men wanting grey hair
  • Can be cut, styled, and dyed


  • Some may not prefer a PU base due to the potential shine
  • Does not cover the sides completely, so not ideal for completely bald men


NLW Afro Toupee for men Afro curl Hair pieces for men Afro kinky curly Human hair replacement system for men 10x8' human hair units for men #1 Jet Black

The final product on our list is the N.L.W Afro toupée, a hairpiece with a kinky curly hair texture.

Also made from 100% virgin human hair, this toupée reaches 6 inches of Afro hair length that can be trimmed to preference.

The base itself can come in lace, PU, or lace and PU - ideal for those who have different preferences to the base material.

The hair itself is kinky curly but tangle free and smooth, and designed to prevent shedding.

This toupée is only a head piece and does not cover the whole head, so it is best suited for those experiencing hair loss and receding hairlines or those wanting a new style.  


  • Ideal for Afro-textured hair 
  • Made of 100% virgin human hair 
  • Can be styled and cut 
  • Natural and realistic


  • Does not cover the whole head, so not ideal for completely bald men unless it is styled properly

Best Types of Men’s Hairpieces Buying Guide

The History and Development of Men’s Hairpieces 

Men’s hairpieces can range from the popular toupée, wigs, to hair extensions. Toupées were created and used during the 18th century and have since become a handy accessory for men experiencing partial hair loss.

They can also be used by women who experience hair loss, too. A wig is a hairpiece that covers the whole head, used by bald men or women, and extensions are there to extend any natural hair. 

Toupées became the most popular in America during the 1950s, when advertising and marketing was proving a high effective rate. Actors and film stars were common wearers of toupées, whether onscreen or at a premiere, to hide any hair loss and to appear desirable and youthful. This is still common to this day.

Wigs have also created the same frenzy, especially with the modern fashion of long hairstyles. Wigs are mostly associated with drag queens and performers, sporting experimental and colorful styles, but this is not always the case. A lot of male wigs are designed with shorter hair cuts to create a natural appearance. 

Hairpieces such as toupées are most ideal for men experiencing hair loss or receding hairlines. Whilst both are totally natural and unavoidable in most cases, there is an unfortunate expectation that men need to have full hair to remain attractive.

Hair transplants are a good permanent option for this, but they can be incredibly expensive and results can take months to show - especially when solving receding hairlines. Hairpieces are a more affordable option to cover balding patches without breaking the bank, and can be interchangeable. 

Stigmas Around Men’s Hair Loss and Hairpieces 

Despite some fashion trends including baldness, there are still stigmas surrounding male hair loss that deems hair loss “unmasculine”.

This is, in reality, not the case at all, because masculinity cannot be defined by hair. Therefore, there is a lot of humour and awkwardness about hairpieces such as toupées.

Toupées have often been used in comedy, with the classic vision of the hairpiece blowing in the wind which has been so often depicted in comedy sketches, cartoons, film and television. This also became a joke throughout social media regarding celebrities and politicians.

Male pattern baldness is incredibly common in white men and less so in black men. Hair may just be hair to some people, but it is one of the main features a person will focus on to judge a character subconsciously. Hair can also be an indicator of age and fashion sense. 

The reality is that hair loss can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing, especially for young men who are almost expected to have a full head of hair.

Hairpieces are a great way to solve this problem whilst looking realistic, because they create a sense of normality and cover any parts that men may be insecure about. They can therefore be beneficial to improving men’s mental health. 

Hairpiece Materials: 


Generally speaking, there are two types of hairpiece materials: synthetic and human hair.

Synthetic is the least favorable of materials, as it does not last a long time, cannot be dyed or styled with heated appliances, and often has a shine that makes the hair look fake. Synthetic hair is, however, the cheaper option. 

Virgin human hair is one of the best human hair options, as it is completely unprocessed. This means it has not been dyed, bleached, or even permed. Because it is human hair, though, it can be dyed and styled in use.

It is often not recommended to bleach human hairpieces, or try to dye them lighter, as the piece may not react well to the bleach. This hair needs washing in a similar way to normal hair, just in a basin or bath. 


The base of a men’s hairpiece is really important for keeping the hairpiece on properly. There are three main base types: lace, PU, and lace and PU. Lace bases offer the most concealment and make the toupée virtually undetectable.

PU bases are the most durable, however they often produce a shine at the hairline and are less breathable than lace bases. Some bases have both, which is the best of both worlds, but this all comes down to personal preference.

Whether a user prefers tape or glue to attach the toupée is also up to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hairpiece looks the most natural?

The most natural looking hairpieces are usually the most expensive options. This is because they require human hair as opposed to the cheaper synthetic hair option.

Synthetic hair can look realistic if it is maintained properly, but can often leave the plastic shine that looks unnatural. Virgin human hair is one of the most popular materials for hair pieces, as the hair has been completely unprocessed - no dye, no heat, no chemicals.

This is the most natural material for hairpieces, though they require the same amount of maintenance and care as normal hair and are often more expensive. 

Can you sleep in a toupée or wig?

It is not recommended to sleep in a hairpiece such as a toupée or wig. This is because the movements of sleep could tangle and affect the quality of the hairpiece, making it a struggle to style the next day.

Overtime, this could make the hairpiece unusable quicker than its normal lifespan. If you prefer to sleep in your hairpiece, invest in satin pillowcases to prevent tangling and make sure to brush the hairpiece carefully and as soon as you wake up.

Some people like to buy a second hairpiece just for sleeping or backup. 

How long does a men’s hairpiece last?

This depends on the type of material and manufacturing process the hairpiece has gone through. Synthetic wigs are the cheapest material and therefore are not built to last for longer periods of time, but these are ideal for those on a budget or wanting a short-term hairpiece.

Better quality materials such as virgin human hair can last between 8 and 10 months if they are properly cared for, but these are generally more expensive. The best ways to expand the lifespan of a hairpiece include: 

  • Sulfate free shampoo to maintain the skin’s natural oils, leaving the hairpiece shiny
  • Avoid using the hairdryer, unless it isn’t often and on a cold setting as heat can dry it out 
  • Only wash the hairpiece once a week 
  • Don’t sleep in the hairpiece
  • Brush the hairpiece often carefully to prevent shedding and tangling

How can you tell if someone is wearing a toupée?

If a toupée is made of a cheaper synthetic material, the shine will be obviously fake. The quality and material of the base will also be a visual hint - lace bases are generally the best for keeping the hairpiece undetectable, whilst PU bases often show a shiny layer at the hairline.

Also, the lower quality toupées will not stick well near the temples and ears, so it may appear to be peeling away or the fake “hair growth” might be in a different and unnatural direction. Fortunately, the highest quality toupées work to conceal any sign of falseness. 

Which is better between a wig and a hair transplant?

This comes down to personal preference. A hair transplant is a costly medical procedure that targets specific areas of hair loss, for example a receding hairline.

A wig (or any hairpiece) is a semi-permanent option for covering either the whole head or parts of the hair (such as a toupée).

Whilst wigs may seem cheaper than a hair transplant, the cost of maintenance and salon appointments will add up overtime. This depends on how much hair has been lost and the intentions for changing a hairstyle. 

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