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Balding is one of the worst things that can happen to a man in his early twenties, but unfortunately, if genetics has baldness planned for you then there’s not a lot you can do about it. Sadly, hair loss happens and it can rock your confidence quite severely.

Luckily, scientists have gotten ahead of the curve with this unfortunate situation, with hair plugs, weaves and glue-on hairpieces. However, one of the early methods of combatting male pattern baldness was with a toupee.

Now, we’ve all got our idea of what a toupee looks like: something that looks something akin to a dead rat awkwardly glued to your head. Well, thankfully those days are long gone, modern toupees are a miracle of modern science.

Best Toupee

These days hairpieces for made are manufactured from genuine hair and can blend in seamlessly with several different colors, thicknesses and styles.

You can also attach your toupee permanently to your scalp, allowing you to shower, shampoo and comb it as if it were real. It will also avoid the embarrassing wig slippages of the past.

Old wigs were generally a lot more coarse as they were often made from horsehair, but this is not the issue with modern toupees. Most modern hairpieces are made from human hair and are soft enough to shampoo and style, giving you the versatility of a human hairpiece.

Toupees are generally a lot more affordable than having transplants and other methods of eliminating baldness, so this is perfect for someone who does not have the budget to miraculously conjure up a full head of hair.

But where can you find the best toupees? What features should a toupee have and what are the best materials for it to be made out of to give you that stylish and realistic head of hair? How much can you be expected to spend on a decent toupee?

Well, if you are anxious about losing your hair, then you need not worry because we’ve compiled a list of the best toupees currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will help you when you’re next shopping for a toupee and some frequently asked questions from wig wearers around the world.


Fabwigs Mens Toupee Wig Human Hair-8x10 Inch Fine Mono Base PU Around Mens Hairpiece Hair Replacement Systerm(#1 Jet Black)

Our first toupee comes from Fabwigs, who are very reputable hair manufacturers, garnering hundreds of positive reviews for their hairpieces and glowing reviews from bald men around the world.

These wigs are made from 100% Indian Remy hair and are available in 3 different sizes, accommodating various head shapes - introducing the Fabwigs Men’s Toupee.

The length of this hair is around 6-inches long, which means that you’ll be able to cut and style it back into a shorter length if that’s what you prefer.

Having more hair to work with is better than having less.

Because it is woven from human hair, it won’t tangle or knot over time, which is often an issue with toupees when they are not worn.


  • These wigs will not develop a bad smell over time like a lot of cheaper wigs tend to do.
  • The width of this hair is about an inch wide, which gives you plenty of wiggle room to cut it back and style it. Whether it’s a long sweeping fringe or a spiky buzz cut, you have a lot of liberty with it.
  • The Remy human hair will give you all the flexibility of real hair, allowing you to shape and style it in whatever way you like.
  • The price - this is one of the more affordable toupees currently on the market, with a simple adhesive glue to stick it firmly to your scalp.


  • Some users have complained that this wig experiences heavy shedding even after a few days.


Lordhair Toupee for Men with 100% European human hair 8x10 inch Hairpiece for Men 0.06mm Super Thin Skin Hair system All V-looped Mens Toupee Jet Black #1

Our toupee is of a similar length to our previous model, with enough length to cut back and style into a fringe or a quiff, allowing you to mimic all the popular high street hairstyles.

This is made with real human hair, so you can be sure that it is flexible and soft enough to be styled in much the same way - introducing the Lordhair Toupee.

This toupee is attached permanently to the head using a non-inflammatory glue, allowing you to keep it on for over 2 months if maintained and cleaned regularly.

This will give you that added confidence and assurance that it will not slip or detach itself, even during sporting activities.


  • The capsize of this hair is around 8-by-10 inches and can be altered to suit whatever hairstyle you fancy having for the next few months.
  • Having a realistic toupee such as this will mean that you get to save a lot of money on haircuts for the next two months.
  • This hairpiece is made from genuine human hair, so you can wash, shampoo, style and shape it in much the same way as people do with their real hair.
  • You can purchase these models in a variety of different colors and sizes, allowing you to integrate them naturally with your hair color and skin tone. These hairpieces are practically indistinguishable from the real thing.


  • The price - these are at the more expensive end of the hairpiece spectrum, even when you consider all the money you’ll be saving on haircuts for those two months.


N.L.W. NLW European human hair toupee for men with soft Super Swiss lace 10x8 human hair prosthesis men hair patch units implant for men hair pieces units replacement system for men #2 Dark brown

This next toupee is incredibly soft, thin and flexible, allowing you to style it in much the same way as your friends might style their real hair.

You can shave off your existing hair and get this new one attached within a few hours, with an adhesive glue that will ensure against slippages or dislodging - introducing the European Virgin Human Hair Toupee For Men.

The capsize of this head is very generous, making it ideal for a lot of users of many different shapes and sizes, which will be important for users of larger stature.

You can get these wigs in a variety of different colors such as light brown, dark brown, off-black and jet black.

These hairpieces are manufactured by a company that has garnered a reputation for quality.


  • The 6-inch length - this is ideal for anyone who wants a longer style or cut, or users who want plenty of room to cut their hair back into the style that they want.
  • The capsize will fit most users, which will important to those who have tried hairpieces in the past and have found them to be tight, itchy and irritable.
  • Made from genuine human hair, this piece is flexible and soft enough to be contoured and styled in much the same way as a real hair cut - you won’t feel less than your friends with hair ever again!
  • This piece, in particular, comes with plenty of high ratings. When it comes to getting a reliable toupee, then having the testimonies of other users is crucial.


  • The 6-inch length will not be suitable for wearers who want something a little longer.


Voloria Toupee for men Hair pieces 100% European virgin human hair replacement system for men 10'x8' human hair toupee men hair piece #18 Light Brown Color

A lot of toupees can be quite difficult to wrangle, with cheap glues that do not hold it properly to the scalp or synthetic hair strands that can tangle and knot together over time.

You won’t experience any of this with our next toupee, using double-sided tape it fixes 100% genuine human hair tight to your scalp to give you a completely natural head of hair - introducing the Rossy&Nancy Toupee.

This toupee is very luscious and natural-looking, ideal for anyone who not only wants to craft their unique hairstyle but wants to add a degree of volume to their hair.

The capsize of this hairpiece is very accommodating for larger head sizes, with enough length for you to style and trim to suit the latest fashion trends.


  • The lifespan of this wig is longer than most other brands, with 100% human hair that is both heat resistant and infused with synthetic fibers.
  • The double-sided tape underneath is very durable and will easily fix your toupee to the top of your scalp. It will also reduce the levels of sweat and irritation that can occur between the cap and the scalp.
  • The 6-inches of hair length is more than enough to match all the men’s cuts on the high street - whether it’s a bob, a straight fringe or a quiff.
  • In the past, having a hairpiece that did not match with your skin tone or natural hair color was a dead giveaway. This hairpiece comes in an impressive array of colors, allowing you to match them with your original hair.


  • The price - some users have complained that the price of these toupees are not worth the basic features that you get with them.


Voloria Men’s Toupee European Human Hair Replacement Wigs Mono Lace with PU Around 6inchx8inch Base Size for Man 20% 1B Black Hair Mixed 80% Grey Color

Next up we have something a little different, an afro wig with 100% premium quality human hair, this one will certainly add volume and prestige to a thinning head of hair.

Sometimes losing your hair can be a signal for a radical change and, if you have the money, then you might want to opt for a radical new makeover - introducing the Rossy&Nancy Men’s Toupee European Human Hair.

This hairpiece has a very light and curly texture, with all the bounce of a real head of hair, you can be certain that you’ll look great on the dancefloor.

This is a great wig for black men who want something much more reflective of their real hair.

However, this does not prohibit men of all colors who’ve always wanted that thick voluminous head of hair.


  • The capsize on this wig is very generous and you can be certain that it will fit most types and sizes of head.
  • The hair curls with a real natural texture, replicating the movement and bounce of real curly hair. This afro air is perfect for those who want to have that full-bodied volume and glossy texture.
  • This is great for black men who want to regain the capacity of their original hair and replicate the same style as they had before it started thinning.
  • This hair will glue tightly to your scalp and avoid any embarrassing slippages that were experienced with old toupees.


  • The price - this wig is one of the more expensive models on the market, which might deter men with merely thinning hair who might want to explore hair restoration products first.


Voloria Men Hairpiece Real French Lace Human Hair Replacement for Men Wig Thin Skin Men's Toupee #7 Color

Next up we have another wig by the reputable wig retailer Rossy&Nancy, who have been making hairpieces for men with great acclaim and hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon.

This hairpiece is no different, with soft qualities that enable it to be trimmed and styled in all the conventional methods that are used on the high street - introducing the Rossy&Nancy Men’s Hairpiece Real French Lace.

This one is another piece that is woven from 100% real hair, with strands that won’t tangle or knot over time.

If you shampoo and keep this hairpiece in mint condition, then you can ensure that it will last you for months on end.

It comes with a wider cap, which is very breathable and will cause little sweating and discomfort once it has been stuck to your head.


  • Its real hair composition will ensure that you can style, color and wash it the same as you would if it were growing out of your head.
  • The cap on this wig measures 8-by-10 inches, which will fit pretty much any size of crown.
  • This wig will not cause undue irritation to your scalp, with breathable pores in the cap, you can be sure there’ll be very little sweating.
  • Using adherent glue, you can firmly sandwich this to your scalp and avoid any embarrassing dislodging accidents on the dancefloor or on the football pitch.


  • Once again, this is a very expensive toupee that will only last you a few months, even after you take good care of it.


Human Hair Toupee for men NLW European Hair Pieces Mens 8x10' fine French Lace hair units patch human hair replacement system prosthesis for man #1B Off Black

Our final hairpiece is another very reliable item that will eradicate sweating, tangles, knots and frayed ends.

This hair is very soft and easy to care for, allowing you to wash and shampoo as vigorously as you need without detaching itself.

Coming in 4 different stylish colors, you can be sure to find a hairpiece that will match your distinctive color - introducing the MLW European Human Hair Piece.

The front line of this hairpiece will blend in perfectly with the natural color of your skin tone, allowing you to go out in public without the fear of being caught out.

When wearing your toupee one of the most important things will be reliability, as your new hairpiece is meant to restore your confidence, rather than make you feel anxious.


  • This toupee has a wafer-thin membrane underneath that will allow you to blend in perfectly with the tone of your skin.
  • This one will certainly reduce the anxiety that you will be somehow exposed for wearing a toupee. This is still a lot of stigma around wearing one and it’s important to have a model where discretion is paramount.
  • You can maintain this one with hot water and shampoo without worrying about the glue detaching itself.
  • Coming in a wide variety of colors, you can find the one that suits your skin tone, or if you’re feeling bold enough, you can treat yourself to a completely new color.


  • The price - as with all our other hairpieces, this one comes at a fairly hefty pierce. This is only an option if you feel that you have exhausted all your others on products that have failed to restore your hair.

Buyer’s Guide

Hair loss can be very embarrassing, but it is important to have as much knowledge as possible about your toupee, how to keep it well maintained, how to secure it firmly when you remove it, etc.

When To Start Shopping For A Toupee

If you have started to lose your hair, we would recommend shopping for a toupee immediately.

This way you can match your toupee with your existing hair, as well as finding something that matches the style and texture.

What Is The Best Material For A Toupee?

These days, most toupees are made from human hair as they mimic the behavior of the stuff that would be normally be growing out of your head.

There are synthetic options out there, which are more durable but might seem slightly more coarse and prone to tangling.

Stock Or Custom Pieces

Having a stock or a custom piece just comes down to price. Custom hairpieces look better, as they are specially adapted to your head and will feel as natural as possible.

However, you’ll have to pay significantly more for a custom haircut, which is why a lot more people start with a stock toupee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Need Any Accessories With A Toupee?

Yes, but luckily most of the manufacturers above sell their brands of styling and repair products. 

Be sure that you pick up the right shampoo, conditioner, styling products, wig tape or toupee adhesive to make sure your hair looks as lustrous as it possibly can.

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