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Styling your hair the way that you want it is always a chore. Whether it’s cutting, coloring or shaving, sometimes the vision in your head isn’t as fully realized in real life.

Even the best hairdressers can sometimes get it wrong and when that happens, there really is no going back.

There are many hazards that you can face when changing your hairstyle, over-bleaching and dyeing can damage the luster and volume of your hair and you might have to wait for months for it to grow back to its original healthy texture.

However, there is one easy way that you can augment your existing hair without damaging it - that’s with a half wig.

These wigs are extremely natural-looking, with most of them manufactured from human hair, they are dyed in a variety of colors and a wide range of styles and the best thing is - you can simply remove them if you don’t like them!

Half wigs won’t shed or get tangled, all you have to do is keep them on the wig stand and brush them once or twice a week when they’re not in use.

Half wigs are a decent price, so you can buy a few and mix and match them throughout the week. This is great for those women who like to mix it up regularly.

You can have that glamorous look for a fraction of the price of a haircut, minus the hair-raising experience of looking in the mirror and seeing a style that you just don’t like.

But where can you find the best half wigs? What features should a half wig have to give you that unique and confident look out on the street, at work or at the nightclub? How much can you be looking to pay for a decent half wig?

Well, if these interesting half wigs sound appealing to you, then read on, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best brands currently available on the market.

We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you when you’re out shopping for your next half wig as well as some frequently asked questions.


Outre PERUVIAN (1B) Quick Weave Batik Bundle Hair Half Wig

Our first wig is synthetic, meaning that it is extremely lightweight, so much so that some users have reported that they forget that it’s on their head.

This curly weave will attach very comfortably, blending in or complementing your natural color, staying firmly in position in the office or on the dancefloor - introducing the Outre Quick Weave Synthetic Half Wig - Peruvian -1B.

This wig will remain pristine throughout the day, the curls will give both curly and straight hair that decent level of bounce.

You’ll be able to position this wig at exactly the angle you want, while all you need for the styling is to sweep it to one side using your damp fingers.

The ease at which you can style this hair makes it great for younger women.


  • The quality of the weave is very high, manufactured from natural Peruvian hair that you can tousle and style in a way that will blend it perfectly with your natural hair.
  • This half wig attaches securely to the head, avoiding any fears that it will become dislodged on the dancefloor.
  • You can give this hair as much maintenance as you want, either using your fingers to get it in the position you want or lavishing it with product. Either way, treat this wig as you would your regular hair.
  • The price - for only a few dollars, this is very affordable, perfect for those who might not have the money to splash out on a full hair cut, which can run into the hundreds of dollars.


  • This wig might be slightly tight for those who have a particularly large head.


Freetress Equal Drawstring Fullcap Half Wig Milan Girl - 1B

Our next wig is one that comes very highly rated on Amazon, so you can be sure of the highest quality which is important for those who want a wig that will last them for at least 6 months.

It has adjustable straps, which makes it the ideal half wig for those who have a larger head and struggle to find wigs that fit them - introducing the Freetress Equal Drawstring Fullcap Half Wig Milan Girl - 1B.

This wig is perfect for those girls and women who want to take things in a curly direction. It is very difficult to achieve a curl with an artificial curling iron.

These curls are tight and bouncy, a great complement to straight hair, you’ll leave your friends and family wondering how you achieved such a wonderful transition between the two.


  • This hair is very soft and bouncy, perfect for adding volume to an already curly head or complementing a straight style.
  • Adjustable straps - whether you have a small, medium or a larger sized head, you can be sure that this piece will be fixed securely to your scalp and avoid any embarrassing wig malfunctions.
  • This wig is designed to reduce the amount of shedding and tangling that you’ll experience.
  • This half wig comes with a built-in comb in the front and back, which will be ideal if you are on a night out and need to rectify a few tangles.


  • The comb in this wig might be a little abrasive on the scalp and tight on a smaller head.


Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Annie, 1B

Next up we have a wig that is very different in texture and shape from the last one, coming in a sleek and straight length that will perfect if you want to extend your natural hair by an extra few inches.

This wig is one of the more reasonably priced on this list, utilizing natural hair that will blend in well with your own - introducing Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig, 1B.

You can expect plenty of flattering words when you’re out wearing this synthetic half wig.

It is durable, made from heat resistant fibers that will guarantee that you can wear it near heat sources and it certainly won’t catch on fire. 

The hairs are also very breathable, so you will experience zero sweat, even if you wear this weave for a few days in a row.


  • This half wig takes only 60 seconds to self-style, which is great for those who always leave it with a few seconds to spare before leaving the house.
  • The wig is very lightweight, so you won’t find yourself craning your neck to one side or worrying about a hairpiece that will keep dislodging itself, which might be particularly embarrassing when you’re dancing.
  • This wig will reduce any sweating on the contact point between your half wig and your scalp, which will in turn reduce the amount of itching and irritation.
  • The texture is very thick and smooth, perfect if you have curly hair and fancy going for a much more minimalist and sophisticated look.


  • This hairpiece might require a lot of clips to keep it secure on your head and might deter women who might not be comfortable with affixing a hairpiece.


Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Half Wig Instant Weave Curls Kinks & Co Boss Lady (1B)

This half wig certainly matches its sensational namesake, a full-bodied half wig that will add volume and shininess to your existing hair, with a lightweight construction that you will barely even notice.

This is made from all-natural hair and has accumulated hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, a true testament to its quality - introducing the Sensationnel Curls Kinks & Co Instant Weave Half Wig.

This wig will require minimal maintenance once it is affixed to your head, which is great for women who don’t have much time to prep in the morning before work.

This has a very realistic look to it, with a full texture that will complement both curly and straight hair. This wig will turn the heads of whoever will look at it.


  • This hairpiece is very soft and will be easy to brush and wash after use. However, if you want a low-maintenance wig, this will also be an ideal product for you.
  • It is very lightweight, which is important if you are at work and don’t want that nagging heaviness that can distract you from the task at hand.
  • This product has been designed for all shapes and sizes of head, making it ideal for any person, young or old, who fancies sprucing up their existing haircut.
  • The cap on this wig is very comfortable and, most importantly, breathable. If you plan on wearing this half wig to a nightclub, you won’t want to experience excess irritation or sweating.


  • This half wig does tend to frizz up in humid conditions, so you might want to apply a bit of dampening product on it before wearing it.


Onedor 22' Semi Curly Hair Women Ladies 3/4 Half Wig Premium Japanese Synthetic Kanekalon fibers Wigs with Secured Mesh Head Cap (2/33)

This next wig is one of the most attractive on the market, a sleek black hairpiece that will complement most styles of hair, straight or curly.

This is a great hairpiece for concealing burnt or damaged strands, easy to attach, you probably won’t even notice it is there after a few hours - introducing the OneDor 22-Inch Semi Curly Hair Half Wig.

The texture of this hair is very sleek and glossy, giving you that shine that you can expect from 3 hours spent at the salon.

This is a great wig to wear if you have follicle damage from poor hair straighteners or to cover up a bad haircut.

You can cut and style this wig yourself, giving more volume to those women who have thinner hair.


  • This is one of the thickest wigs that we have on our list, it is the perfect hairpiece for women who have thinner hair and want to add a bit of volume.
  • Due to the density of this wig, it is a great model for disguising any unsightly burns and hair damage.
  • This wig is very soft and comfortable, the contact point between your scalp and the piece itself is padded, so you won’t have to worry about any irritation in the scalp.
  • The natural texture of the wig will ensure that both you and your friends and family won’t be able to tell when the wig ends and the real hair begins.


  • Some users have reported that they find this hairpiece slightly more coarse and itchy than some of the other models on this list.


Janet Collection New Easy Quick AGATHA Half Wig (1b)

Our final wig is by the very reputable Janet collection, with a natural-looking appearance that certainly won’t disappoint the more fashion-conscious amongst you.

This wig has a lovely texture and flow that will feel smooth against your face and your scalp, with a breathable attachment pad that won’t cause excess sweating - introducing the Janet Collection half Wig.

This has a lot of looser curls than some of the other wigs on this list, with a generous length that you can let flow down your shoulders or cut to match the length of your existing hair.

This is perfect for someone with straight hair who fancies trying something new with a much zanier hairstyle.


  • This hair is very smooth and shiny, giving you that salon-quality finish that will make you the envy of all your other fashion-savvy friends.
  • These curly locks are very adaptable, allowing you to augment your straight or thin haircut with something that will catch the eye and add a lot more volume.
  • If you have follicle damage, then this is the perfect piece to regain your confidence, with plenty of all-natural hair to cover up any unsightly areas.
  • This half wig is very lightweight, so you won’t even know that it’s attached to your head. This will be very important if you’re at work, for example, and need to focus on your job rather than your hairdo.


  • Because this hair is curly then it might get tangled a lot easier. We would recommend giving this model a little brush once or twice a week to remove the knots.

Best Half Wigs Buying Guide

Half wigs do exactly what they say on the tin: they cover half the head. This coverage allows you to essentially have two different hairstyles on the same head. You can easily blend curly hair with straight hair to create a futuristic punky feel.

But before buying a half wig, you’ll have to consider what you’ll be using it for and how it will blend with your existing hair.

If you are using it to cover up damaged or burnt hair, then you’ll want one with the same color, thickness and with enough length to cover up the entire damaged area.

Does Your Half Wig Have Clips Or A Hair Band?

Most half wigs come with a hairband on the front to conceal the point where the real hair meets the fake hair. These headbands are usually made from stretchy material and are more comfortable against the scalp.

You can get half wigs that are secured with clips, however, these tend to be a lot harder to position correctly and can feel quite abrasive against the scalp itself.

What Style Is Your Half Wig?

Deciding on the style of your half wig will be half the battle. Do you want the wig to be an extension of your natural hair or to counterpoint it?

Finding the right color and length will be important if you want your wig to blend in seamlessly with your real hair. We would recommend that you choose a hairpiece that is longer than your natural hair. You can then cut it back so it is all the same length.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Style Of Wig: Straight Or Curly?

This will all depend on whether you want a style that is different to your natural hair or the same. Remember: you can always style your natural hair to match that of the wig.

However, if your half wig is awkwardly placed, then you might suffer from tangling or knotting, which will be harder to get out in the long run.

How Do You Best Wear A Half Wig?

Make sure you remove your wig at least once a day, as wearing it during the night while you sleep can cause strands of the wig to break off as well as irritating your scalp.

Use a wig stand to keep it in excellent condition. Having your wig lying flat to the floor or crumpled up in your closet is one of the best ways for it to become tangled or knotted. You can extend the lifespan of your wig by half a year if you keep it on a wig stand.

Make sure you moisturize your real hair before and after you’ve used your half wig. This is the best way to prevent your scalp from drying out.

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