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Frontals are incredibly popular right now. They generally go ear to ear and create a natural-looking hairline. The only way to improve frontals is to make them all-encompassing. 

Enter the 360 frontal! 

A 360 frontal is a lace strip that wraps around the entire head rather than just the forehead. It creates a hairline around your head just like your natural hairline! 

360 frontals are excellent for people who like to wear their hair up in a ponytail or bun. They give you unlimited styling options because your extensions are around your entire head and not just the front. 

Choosing the right 360 frontal can be difficult. There are so many options for the hair bundles alone! 

Luckily for you, we’re here to help. 

We’ve gathered together some of the best 360 frontals available right now and examined them. We’re going to highlight the great features and point out some of the pitfalls you might need to watch out for. 

To help you understand what you’re buying, we’ve greeted a buyer’s guide. Our guide contains all the things you wanted to know about 360 frontals but were too afraid to ask!

Without further ado, let’s get stuck in! 

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick: 

360 Lace Frontal Wig Human Hair Wigs

  • 360 frontal incorporated into a wig. 
  • 16 inches. 
  • Virgin hair. 
  • Darker lace to match darker skin tones. 
  • Pre-plucked with baby hairs. 
  • Incredibly realistic hairline. 
  • Minimal shedding or tangling.


MEGALOOK Human Hair Lace Front Wigs 360 Lace Front Wig Human Hair Wigs 16inch Pre Plucked with Baby Hair Straight Hair 360 Lace Wigs Human Hair 150% Density

This is a 16 inch long straight 360 frontal. The hair looks beautifully soft and thick. The density is 150% which isn’t as full as some of the others, but you really can’t tell. 

The hair is virgin hair and according to the listing it is donated by young girls. Make of that what you will. 

The cap looks good enough. It has a darker lace piece to match darker skin tones. You won’t want this wig if you are very pale. The lace will not match your scalp. 

The clips inside don't appear to be adjustable which is a bit of a shame. From the reviews, it seems like they work just fine so perhaps it’s not an issue. 

It is pre-plucked and by god, they did a good job! Even when sat on a mannequin, this thing looks utterly realistic. We think it’s probably the best hairline we’ve seen on a lace frontal in a long time. 

One of the best things about this frontal is the fact that it has next to no shed. It shows that the knots are solid and the hair is strong and healthy.

We love a shed free wig as it means you won’t end up covering your floors and furniture in hair! 


  • Virgin hair. 
  • Pre-plucked with baby hairs. 
  • Incredibly realistic hairline. 
  • Adjustable head strap and clips. 
  • Darker lace to match skin tone.


  • Clips can’t be adjusted. 
  • Unknown hair origin.


QTHAIR 16A Grade 13x4 Transparent HD Lace Front Wig Straight Lace Frontal Human Wigs Pre Plucked with Baby Hair Brazilian Straight Human Hair Lace Frontal Wigs Natural Hairline 16inch

This is a wavy, 16 inch, 360 frontal wig made from Brazillian virgin hair. The hair is thick, soft, shiny, and voluminous. It comes in at 150% density but the company offers custom 180% or 200% options. 

The lace around the front and the nape of the wig is decent in terms of quality and color match. You may need to use your foundation to blend it in. 

The cap is breathable which makes a heck of a difference to those who wear wigs frequently! You will appreciate the soft and comfortable cap inside this wig.

Customers find it gives an excellent fit without being too tight on your head. 

Another thing customers are very pleased about is the lack of shedding you get with this wig! The hair is hand-tied and has clearly been tired well if the reports of minimal shedding are to be believed. 

You have plenty of styling and parting options with this wig. The pre-plucked hairline makes it easier to align and works well with deep partings to create a realistic appearance. 


  • 16-inch Virgin Brazillian hair. 
  • 150% density with further options available for customized orders. 
  • Breathable and comfortable cap. 
  • Pre-plucked, realistic hairline. 
  • Adjustable head strap and clips.


  • Lace is not the best at blending. 
  • Doesn’t stand up to coloring.


Brazilian Virgin Straight Human Hair 360 Lace Frontal Closure Straight Pre Plucked 360 Lace Frontal with Baby Hair Natural Hairline Free Part Natural Black Color(14Inch, 360 frontal)

This is a true frontal in that it only provides hair around the hairline. The top of your head will be bare and will need bundles to look normal and natural. 

That being said, the hair on this frontal is of outstanding quality. It’s Brazillian virgin hair and has a thick, voluminous look.

It doesn’t stand tall around the parting which is wonderful!  There’s nothing that screams ‘fake’ louder than two humps by a parting!  

The lace is 4 inches thick in the front and 2 inches thick in the back. The 4 inches in the front gives you lots of parting and styling options. It’s a versatile hairpiece that can be worn in any style imaginable. 

It is pre-plucked and has some baby hairs cut in. It’s not the best plucking job you’ll ever see. To be honest, you’ll probably need to do a bit more plucking and shaping when you receive it. 

Overall, it’s a great piece and it’ll cost you half as much as the others on this list. 


  • 14 inches of virgin Brazillian hair. 
  • Pre-plucked with baby hairs. 
  • 4-inch front lace for versatile parting options. 
  • Easy to install.
  • 150% density. 


  • The hairline needs further plucking. 
  • Color descriptions seem to be a little off.


360 Lace Frontal Wig 180% Density Pre-Plucked Hairline 360 Lace Front Brazilian Remy Human Hair Wig Curly Hair Wig for Black Women (16inch with 180% density)

There are a few things we love about this wig. First and foremost, it’s pre plucked. This means that the hairline has been plucked slightly so that it looks more natural. 

Having a pre-plucked wig is always greatly appreciated because it saves us time on the install. You may want to make a few smaller adjustments but you won’t need to spend hours plucking. 

Another great thing about this frontal is that it has baby hairs. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s pre-plucked as you usually tease out and create baby hairs when plucking. 

If we look at the hairs as a whole, this is Brazillian Remy hair meaning it is superb in terms of quality and health.

The hair is soft, shiny, and thick. It has a 180% density meaning you will have lots of volume to play with when it comes to styling. 

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive about this frontal. They are pleased with the quality of the hair and the cap.

You should note that it only comes in medium cap size. If you have a larger or smaller head, you’ll need to look elsewhere. 

Another thing to be wary of is tangling. There are a few reports of this wig becoming quite knotty and tangled the longer it is worn for. 


  • Remy Brazillian, virgin hair. 
  • Pre-plucked with baby hairs. 
  • 180% density.
  • Adjustable head strap. 
  • 4 wig clips.
  • Versatile parting options. 
  • Can be heat styled or dyed.


  • Tangles more the longer it’s worn. 
  • Only one size. 
  • No pre-cut ear holes.


Style Icon Easy-360 Lace Wigs 28' Free Part Lace Frontal Wigs Long Straight Wig Ombre Blonde Synthetic Wig(28', SOP 22613)

This is the only synthetic wig we’ve included. The issue with synthetic wigs is that they tend to look less realistic than real human wigs. This one is an exception. 

The synthetic hairs are very realistic. They have a thickness and texture to them that is very reminiscent of real hair.

Many reviews mention how pleasantly surprised they were by the quality of the hair considering it is a $50 synthetic.

When it comes to the cap, it has a lace band that goes along the hairline. This helps you get a natural look and imitates a scalp. 

The cap also has an adjustable band around the back of the head to help you get a tight, secure, and custom fit. Four wig combs are included along the cap area to help secure the frontal. 

You can select from different colors including ombre pink, full green, ash blonde, and black. The hair comes in at 28 inches long though it has a slight wave which may make it appear shorter. 

You can style this wig with heated tools like straighteners and curlers. It has a safe temperature range of 160-180. This is excellent news for those who like to mix things up. 

Overall, this is a wonderful beginner’s 360 frontal wig. It won’t completely break the bank but it will still look great on you! 


  • 28 inches of high-quality synthetic hair.
  • Can be installed with or without glue. 
  • Can be heat styled. 
  • Cap is a medium size with an adjustable band.
  • Versatile parting options. 


  • Tangles easily.
  • Runs smaller than average. 
  • Synthetic hairs.

Best 360 Frontals Buying Guide

The first thing you need to know about 360 frontals is that they are not full wigs. The top of your head will not be covered by a plain 360 frontal.

360 frontals can be incorporated into a wig or worn with a wig if you want full head coverage. Some of the frontals we have listed here are 360 frontal wigs. In these cases, the scalp is covered by a wig cap. 

Before buying your first 360 frontal, here are some things you need to know and consider. 


When you’re choosing a 360 frontal, you’ll need to know a few different head measurements. 

The first is the circumference of your head. To do this, take a flexible measuring tape and place it around your head. It should be as close to the hairline as possible. 

Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight to cause headaches. You’ll want to measure in inches to save you from having to do any conversions. 

After the circumference, you’ll need to measure the distance between your ears. You want to measure from one ear to the other over the top of your head. 

Avoid measuring too far forward by imagining that you are wearing headphones. You need to measure where the band would sit. 

The final measurement you need is the length of your head front to back. You need to measure from the furthest part of your hairline at the front, to the furthest part of your hairline on the nape of your neck. 

Using these three measurements you should be able to determine what size wig you wear. It’s important to remember that every manufacturer will have their own sizing charts. However, to give you a bit of an idea of what you’re looking for, we’ve put an average chart below. 


In the listing, you want to check what size the cap is. Often it will name the size and list the circumference measurement. 

If you are buying a 360 frontal on its own, without the wig, you’ll likely see it listed by the circumference measurement. 

Hair Length

Ok, you’ve found out your size, now you need to make important decisions like hair length and style. 

The length of the hair bundles will be listed in inches. It is usually measured from the crown to the tip. 

If you are choosing a wavy or curly frontal, please keep in mind that the hair is pulled straight to be measured. This means that it will look shorter when it’s in its waves or curls. 

Hair Type

You’ll need to decide whether you’re going for synthetic hair or human hair in your wig. 

Synthetic hair is usually cheaper but it looks less natural. Human hair is more expensive but has the advantage of looking and feeling more natural. 

If you decide to go for human hair, you have more choices to make. 

Firstly, you’ll need to decide whether you want to splash out of virgin hair or not. Virgin hair is hair that has not been treated, dyed, permed, bleached, or chemically altered in any other way. 

Also, virgin hair comes from one single donor. This is different from non-virgin hair wigs which may be made using hair from multiple sources.

Virgin hair is generally agreed to be better as it is softer and healthier. It tends to have a more natural appearance and will last longer than other hair. 

Next, you’ll need to decide what kind of hair you want. Traditionally there have been 4 different kinds of hair used for wigs; Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Caucasian. 

Generally, Chinese hair is used for most wigs because it is readily available. It is prized for its thickness but can be more difficult to style as it tends to be resistant to curls. 

Indonesian, Malaysian, and hair from other Southeast Asian countries is also very popular. It tends to take better curling and waving which makes it easier to style. 

Indian hair is much thinner than Chinese hair but it is more textured. It is closest to Caucasian hair in terms of thickness but it’s not so scarce. 

Caucasian hair is the most highly valued, it is thinner than all other kinds of hair but it is also the rarest hair type. 

More recently, Brazillian and Peruvian hair has become incredibly popular. Peruvian hair is thicker, coarser, and curlier than Brazilian hair. However, Brazilian hair has the benefit of being softer and denser than Peruvian hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do 360 lace frontals last?

It really depends on how you attach it. A sew-in can last up to about 6 months if you take good care of it.

If you use glue to install your 360 frontal, it can last for 4 or 5 days depending on the glue. You can clean and remove the adhesive to reuse your frontal but you need to take good care of it. 

The hair itself can last around 6 months to a year. Again it all comes down to how well you clean and maintain the hair. 

Sleeping in your frontal can reduce the longevity of the piece. This is because the friction between your hair and the pillow pulls on the hairs and knots. 

Do frontals damage your hair?

Frontals can cause damage to your hair if not applied and removed properly.

The issue arises because frontals are worn on the hairline. Hairs on your hairline are much weaker than the rest of your hair. This is because they are more exposed and have less support. 

Gluing your frontals is the most damaging way of installing your 360 frontal. It can put a lot of stress and pressure on your hairline which can cause traction alopecia. 

The best way to protect your hair when wearing a frontal is to make sure it is braided flat before you install it. The flatter you can get your natural hair, the safer it will be. 

You also need to remember to take care of your natural hair while wearing hairpieces. Don’t skip washes and conditioning, and always make sure it’s dry before you tuck it away to wear a wig or frontal. 

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